SBI Live Q&A

It's MLS Draft Q&A Time

2010 MLS Draft

With the MLS Combine in the books, it is time to start looking toward Thursday's 2010 MLS Draft.

In case you haven't seen them, here is my First Round Mock Draft for ESPN.com, as well as my list of players who had their stock rise or fall at the Combine. As far as the stock moving story, those were far from the only players to help or hurt their stock, but just a handful of each.

Since I know many of you have all sorts of questions about the draft, I figured it was as good a time as any to do a Q&A. Post your draft-related questions in the comments section below and I will answer as many of them as I can for Wednesday. I will also be posting a new two-round Mock Draft (maybe three rounds if time permits) as well as the final Big Board before the Draft. Both posts will appear on Wednesday.

Send your questions my way.

  • jaded

    sorry weak excuse. Duka still developed under RB. Garber even said that the rule was problematic. Its going to be ridiculous when Duka gets drafted by another team. They better send RB a thank you card.


  • Lee

    Hey Ives,

    can u compare Tchani to any player

    out there so we can have an

    idea of his game cuz i have neva

    seen him before


  • Mike Caramba

    Which players are going to be in contention for Rookie of the Year in 2010?

    Which players have the most upside–who will be in contention for MVP in 3-5 years?


  • Manolete

    Where is full list of players who have registered for the draft? And do you think any small college players will get picked up during the draft? (Milien from Tampa, Gallaugher from CS Dominguez Hills, Ports from York College PA)


  • Juke Box Hero

    Ives – as a Philly fan, I’d lke to know how Mwanga will count against the foreign player limit and the cap. Can he eventually be a USNT player, outside of marrying a Philly broad?


  • mffinla

    From what I understand, the moment Duka enrolled at a University, the Red Bulls lost his rights. All College players must go through the draft. If NYRB wanted Duka badly enough, they could have signed him straight out of High School. DC just did that with young Goalkeeper Bill Hamid. Ives, does that sound right?


  • mffinla

    Apparently, we have different ideas of Jozy’s potential. I think he can be a Drogba level striker. What’s much greater than that? Do you feel Okugo will be a Zidane level player? I haven’t heard that from anyone else. Just curious…


  • mffinla

    It’s been reported that Mwanga has a green card (he counts as a domestic player) and he’s Gen Adidas. So, for at least the first year, he won’t count at all against Philly’s cap. He’d need to become a US Citizen before he could play for the US.


  • kswiss

    Putting aside what you think will actually happen, if you are in Onalfo’s shoes, who would you want to pick that has a realistic shot of being around at #7? In other words, who do you see that can make the biggest possible impact on DC United (short- or long-term), and how?

    Thanks for all the hard work, Ives.


  • Roy

    did u here ives called Duka, the messi of the combine
    when someone calls u messi that means u were nasty and had great skills on day 2, not going to lie that i was there and i saw duka cut up 5 players like they weren’t even there and plus made them fall to the ground, he even gave a pass to teal that was a open goal and he missed the whole goal, but they want to keep all the hype on tony cuz of his size, doesnt have much skills, very slow on the ball and played horribly in his third game, where ever duka goes he winning the mls cup


  • Emil

    Ives- you said that sometimes, money is packaged in with a lower pick in order for teams to trade up to a higher pick(i.e. the possibility of KC shipping cash to NY to swap picks). Is there a value chart similar to the one that NFL teams use to value draft picks? About how much in allocation money do you think particular picks are worth- say, the #1 overall, a mid-first rounder, and the last pick in the first round? Do the later round picks have any real trade value at all?


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