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Reports: Orozco set for MLS move to Philly

Michael Orozco (ISIphotos.com)

American defender Michael Orozco has been off the U.S. national team radar for some time, but he may be set for a move to help him get back into Bob Bradley's sights.

Reports from Mexico have linked Orozco to a move to Major League Soccer. Record is reporting that Orozco has left San Luis and will be signing with the Philadelphia Union.

It remains unclear whether the Union will be able to land Orozco with a Discovery claim or if Orozco's one national team cap will force him to go through Major League Soccer's Allocation selection process to join a team (returning current and former U.S. national team players are supposed to go through an Allocation process. New York currently holds the top allocation spot).

Orozco played on the U.S. Olympic team two years ago under Peter Nowak. He is remembered rather infamously for drawing an early red card in a must-win group match against eventual silver medalist Nigeria. He had been a regular starter for San Luis before falling out of favor toward the tail end of the 2009 Apertura season.

  • Matt

    If Garber allows this kid to sign with Philly without going through the standard allocation process I am going to drive down to the city and piss on the steps of MLS headquarters.


  • William Franklin

    If he goes to Philly without going through the allocation process, I’d love to hear MLS explain it.


  • Austin

    maybe i should have said players with plenty of potential…just drop it…..

    everybody knows TFC underperformed last year and all of their defenders have in the past or will have in the future very good play

    and i dont know if garcia is a free agent….if thats the case they should be completely gone, i know he isnt off their roster yet


  • shadrach

    Why do you keep saying right back? I believe Orozco played left back in the Olympics. Wynne played right back. If Philly needs a right back then Orozco is more of a project there. If he goes to Philly, wouldn’t he be more likely to play CB or left back? (question for knowledgeable Philly fans)


  • gerald

    Don’t want to waste an #1 allocation on him as he’s not worth it. Now if he fell to us at #6 or so that’s another story


  • Austin

    i meant to say that he played left back but he is better with his right foot….he can play anywhere in defense

    btw, he is a better right back than left back, that was a makeshift decision by Nowak b/c he didnt have another LB


  • The librarian

    Austin-the Wikipedia isn’t reliable. Anyone can change the information on
    it whether they are an expert or not. To quote Public Enemy-can’t truss it.


  • Dave Clark

    Commish didn’t announce a swap though. He announced that DC had acquired Philly’s spot.

    If other things happened it was never announced, nor even speculated on at any website until this story.


  • BrooklynFC-SBI Mafia since Summer 2008

    You are right…. It would def cost dp money to get beas…….. If say philly would trade allocation slots with us plus the defensive midfielder from ucla…..

    Hey Ives, would u happen to know which yanks abroad will be free agents this summer
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


  • Dudeinho

    bob lives in LA there are at least four Hispanic channels showing the mexican league. the weekend over regular television. and thats on free over the air channels. on top of that you still got channels available on satellite and cable, and thats without the massive amounts of media the league receives by these channels as well.not being able to watch Americans playing down south is literally impossible. Also going from San Luis to Philly is more like a Latteral move. not a step down. San Luis is a mid to lower table team. Some thing most MLS teams would be in that league.


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