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Noonan signs with Seattle

Pat Noonan (ISIphotos.com)

As much as the Seattle Sounders outplayed the Philadelphia Union last week, one lingering issue for the Sounders was the team's need for a better option in its starting lineup for the injured Nate Jaqua than reserve player Roger Levesque.

Seattle may have found that player in Pat Noonan, who signed with the Sounders on Tuesday. The former New England, Columbus and Colorado player can play at forward and the right flank, and while he is not as quick as he once was, Noonan is still a strong technical player who will finish opportunities when they come.

Sigi Schmid, who coached Noonan with the Columbus Crew in 2008, could start Noonan up top with Freddy Montero, or start Noonan on the right wing, where Levesque played last week. Freddie Ljungberg's uncertain status could also create an opening for Noonan to start.

Noonan's signing comes ahead of Seattle's match against the New York Red Bulls, a club Noonan has enjoyed considerable success against in the past.

What do you think of Noonan's signing? Surprised Colorado let him go? Think he's lost too much speed to be a factor?

Share your thoughts below.

  • WA

    I can only imagine this is going to be another masterstroke of Sigi Schmid.



  • Niccollo

    now that johnRSL is first i guess i will have to comment on the actual story šŸ˜¦ well i think this could be a good pickup! As a union fan it is hard for me to say that the sounders didnt finish well against my bhoys but it was pretty evident that the score coulda been 4 or 5 to nothing


  • afrim

    he’s not even close to being the player that he was for the Revs several years ago..but with that said..Noonan at 60% is still better than whatever Lavesque can give them on his best day


  • Jeff

    So, as a Union fan how did you think they played in their first game? I liked Torris.


  • DomiNate

    When I heard he was cut by Colorado I wasn’t sure if this was a good move. The fact that we gave him a trial first to see how he could jell with the team is encouraging.

    Regardless of how this move ends up, it makes me proud of the Sounders organization and Sigi. We have an obvious hole that needed immediate attention, so we went out and did something about it. Same thing last year when we needed a left back, signing Leo Gonzalez. The last week spot on the team is an out and out striker/goal scorer, so we signed Kufo. Too bad we have to wait till July, otherwise we’d be a lock for the Community Shield!


  • Jagermeister

    DomiNate –

    Lock for the Community Shield, eh? Too bad you already lost that to the Timbers.

    You want the Supporters Shield.

    Typical Seattle…


  • CA

    Ive been a Levesque fan for a while, but he sure looked terrible in the opener. That’s not how you work your way into the starting team.


  • Luis F

    Noonan will solidify the position, but he won’t make it a strength. He also adds depth up front. This is a very smart acquisition, but Noonan won’t be an impact player. I like it, even if he’s 60% of what he used to be. 60% of Noonan is better than 100% of Levesque.


  • Ian

    Wow, lots of Levesque haters born out of thursday’s game. Anyone remember who scored the lone goal at Crew Stadium when the Sounders came to visit? Game winner of the US Open Cup Final? He’s just gotta grow out the mane and get his Samsonite powers back.

    Either way, Noonan oughta prove to be worth it for the short term.


  • Niccollo

    i thought torres was better than expected. To be honest i was a little disappointed with Nowack! i just dont like how he made the lineup… Mwanga should have been put up top and most definitely not taken off at half-time. but i look forward to the rest of the season


  • Knuckles

    Sigi shouldn’t have stuck him in as right wing. It is not his position. Not now, not ever.


  • Knuckles

    Thank god we have superfans like you to prove how incompetent all Seattle fans are, Jager. Asshat.


  • CA

    Ian, as I previously said, I’m a Levesque fan. But you gotta agree that he looked dreadful in that game. That’s all I’m saying.


  • Hendrick

    Nice comeback.

    Can you honestly say that more than 10% of Seattle fans know the difference between the Community and Supporters Shields?


  • jeff

    Levesque flubbed a couple of shots, but he harried on defense and had a couple of critical steals. Levesque rarely makes big mistakes and he’s been a game changer on numerous occasions. I think he just had an off night.

    Remember Zakuani’s shot over the bar from what seemed like 2 yards last year? But after last week’s game he’s being called a revelation for this year. Levesque will recover and contribute.

    Meanwhile, on Noonan–I can’t help but consider the timing of this signing in the context of news that Jaqua is going to another doc for a second opinion. Doesn’t sound like he’s going to be available for a while and Noonan is a proven contributor who knows Sigi’s system. I think Pat will be a solid sub and provide needed depth, at least until Jaqua returns.


  • Rageman

    I’ve always liked Noonan. Steve Nichol put together a solid team in NE and he was a big part of it early on. Twellman, Ralston, Joseph, Dempsey and Noonan were quite a handful for any opponent. Intelligent player with the ability, every once in awhile, to dazzle you ala Dempsey. I’m a firm believer that he would be a Nat regular if he could have avoided the dreaded injury bug. Even though I’m not a Sounders fan, I hope he sticks and stays healthy enough to play a few more years.


  • srfinger

    Agreed. He is no where near the player he was a few years ago. However, I still think he puts away a couple of the chances Levesque booted away.

    They dont need an impact player. They need some one reasonably dependable to fill a hole.


  • Polish Wonder

    He was a part-time US Nat, went to Europe and came back a man of mystery.


  • BSkillz

    I am so upset that the Revs didn’t jump at the opportunity to bring back Noonan. Instead they resigned Khano Smith who couldn’t buy a game last season with the worst team in the league! I know they do not play the same positions, but Noonan adds depth to the midfield and forward positions and he could actually be a finisher!


  • Richard, UK

    Noonan is technically superior to most players in MLS. He is indeed slow as hell, but he’s a player worth having. Hopefully Seattle have negotiated down his salary (which was around $230,000, wasn’t it?).


  • bmvaughn

    I just love that Portland needed to agree to remove Seattle from the Cascadia Cup competition so they could finally win it.


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