SBI Video Corner

SBI Video Corner: Post-Game Reactions from Red Bulls win vs. Chicago

  • DadRyan

    I was going to say… He looks like he’s on a bike. Looked funny out of context.


  • Lorenzo

    Yeah, have to get to the end of the video to see Petke’s arm up on the bike. Ream was wobbling a little bit too. I thought maybe the camera man had to use the bathroom and was shaking the camera doing the pee-pee dance lol


  • kahlva

    Ummm…yeah. Ives – any way you can gently suggest to the team that the guys do interviews NOT on the cool-down bikes?

    It looks really weird.


  • afrim

    if it helps keep them healthy they can do their interviews on pogo sticks for all i care


  • m3tRo b0y

    Yea, it’s exactly why they’re doing it. I don’t know if they did it last year but it’s a wise thing to do


  • m3tRo b0y

    I love how this team is coming together, way better than last year. Even when we are up a goal, Hans knows that Chicago’s offense is superb and will continue to create chances and decides to put Kandji on left to hold ball and put in Woly to chase down literally anything that is going towards the goalie. Next week will be extremely tough, but hopefully Angel can step it up and shut me up.

    BTW, where’s that Chicago hater guy that said “No way you guys can win, and we would love to see you put in Woly”……He must feel like an idiot =)


  • This Guy

    From a Fire supporter.
    RBNY looks much improved and I don’t think that victory was a fluke by any means. Chicago threw alot at them but they showed resolve. I think last year can be marked up as JCO’s fault if they continue this.
    I venture to say RBNY would have won 3-0 if it wasn’t for our 2nd Keeper, Conde.


  • inkedAG

    That’s what I thought. Though I thought it was the players that had to pee. lol

    But then I felt, maybe they’re on a stationary bike or something.


  • Lee from NYC

    Totally agree. Conde was the Fire’s MOTM in my opinion.

    Next week’s game with the Sounders will be a tough test for RBNY, but I think RBNY will prevail with a point.


  • ga-gone

    This really adds a lot to my understanding/enjoyment of the Red Bulls. Keep it up, loving this addition to the site.

    Ream gently suggesting he had more pace than Petke was a pretty funny moment as well. 😀


  • otergod

    LOL, yea conde saved at least a goal or two.

    Red Bulls have certainly improved and 3 points were huge for them, but i take the first week or two with a grain of salt. Despite being a fire fan i hope they continue to pull in such crowds and sell out that amazing stadium. NY are simply a more stable team.

    What i liked about the fire is that we are working on our short game and quick passing a movement off the ball. I think we need some player replacement. despite always defending pause, he was simply terrible. Baggio should get the start over him. Nyarko & Conde were stellar. John and BMB had good games. Martinez was a ghost


  • bigvic

    SBI, if you can include shots of media covering these games, that would be nice too. It gives some sense of the interest from the general public. Was the Backe press conference pretty well covered? like what 12 reporters?


  • Likes Crow

    I was one of those who felt really reluctant to give NYRB any love for choosing both Backe. Then I was further amiss when the first player that Backe brought in was a no-namer like Lindpere. Boy crow tastes nice!


  • Cindy

    i really like RBNY’s press conference room and the cool down room interviews, feels real intimate!


  • C-note

    Ok Red Bulls, congrats on the win, well done. Your stadium is great, that roof is excellent. I’m looking forward to to the rematch, at Toyota Park.


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