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Gomez scores again, nets equalizer in Puebla's 1-1 tie vs. Morelia

Herculez Gomez 1 (Reuters)

Herculez Gomez just can't stop scoring.

The American striker scored his eight goal in 13 matches on Sunday, netting a second-half equalizer just six minutes after coming in as a substitute in Puebla's 1-1 draw vs. Morelia. The goal marked Gomez's eighth goal in his past ten matches.

Here is the goal (30 seconds into the clip):

What do you think of the finish? Starting to believe Gomez is destined to play his way onto the U.S. World Cup team? Think he at least deserves a look in May's training camp? Still not sold?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Warren

    Brazilians brag they have so much depth in talent that they they could field 3 full squads with a serious shot at competing in World Cup.

    It’s the truth, not a boast.

    US talent pool doesn’t afford that abundance of riches. Hence the tweaks – like BB finally sitting deadwood last summer and giving Davies et al a chance – are of much more significance.

    If Ronaldinho stays home advertisers, networks and fans will be upset, but the selecao will still be a favorite.

    We’re just trying to avoid 3 and out for USMNT if BB can’t adjust.


  • Chicago - Scott

    wow ANOTHER weak goal for Gomez… He doesn’t start because he is not good enough to start… AND if he doesn’t start for Puebla then he shouldn’t be on our National team.

    (SBI-You can’t be serious about this goal being weak. That’s a well-taken left-footed shot on the run, beating a good goalkeeper with a perfect low shot.)


  • Kevin in Denver

    I’m not a Gomez guy, but with your list laying it all on the line, I agree. I’d take Gomez as the 4th striker in that pool right now. But does Bob take 4 strikers? Doubt it.


  • CG

    I’m a little surprised people are still commenting on this.

    I think the obvious answer to the question “how are we all supposed to determine if Bradley gives Gomez a “fair shake”” is does he call him into camp and let let him see some minutes on the field.

    As to the commentary directed to the issue of BB being racist (or not), that is a straw man argument in the vein of Rush Limbaugh. I never said he was and didn’t even imply it. Bob could be regular attendee at Klan rallies or a card carrying memeber of the ACLU; I don’t pretend to know. My point is that the PERCEPTION that Latinos are not being given an appropriate opportunity could be given a boost if Gomez doesn’t appear to be getting an opportunity. He has been enjoying a run of good form with his club at a position at which the Nats are unquestionably weak. Players that have done the same in the MLS (eg., Findley, Cunningham) have been called in — why not Gomez?

    There are many obvious, purely soccer-related issues why this might not happen, as has been pointed out. However, given the popularity of soccer among a sizeable US minority, it really is a little surprising that more of our national team players are not Latino. The obvious analogy is organized basketball and American Blacks. When considered within the context of the relative paucity of Latino players, the perception of bias is understandable, even if not entirely accurate. I think you could (and should) better explain it by saying US Soccer has basically overlooked the Hispanic population because many of these kids play outside of the organized soccer system from which our national team ranks are stocked. Some would say this represents a more benign form of racisim, but that is only tangentially related to my point.

    BTW, the Brazil comment was just ridiculous. The situation Brazil faces, with their embarassment of riches is maybe just a little different from the US situation.


  • Chip the Keeper

    Mexican league defending is comical. Gomez’s highlights frequently look like this.


  • Claudio Reyna

    “When considered within the context of the relative paucity of Latino players, the perception of bias is understandable, even if not entirely accurate. ”

    What makes you say there is a relative paucity of Latino players?


  • HectordelaCruz

    Davies has achieved sainthood amongst the USMNT fans. It is almost impossible to point out that he has basically had one good year, 10 games really, to cement his legend and that may be it.

    The comparison of him and Gomez is interesting because Davies wasn’t so much about scoring goals per se ( he has 4 for the US) as he was about bringing speed and his aggressive attidue to the entire US attack. This made the team better.

    As far as I can tell all Gomez does is score goals; which of course is the whole point and of tremendous value. However, the reason goal poachers like Gomez are often distrusted by managers is that usually they are one trick ponies; if they don’t score they just take up space. And as hot as Gomez is,what are the chances he can tranlate that to a completely different, much harder, environment 2 months from now.

    A guy like Davies brings so much more to the table and he probably won’t make it.


  • CG

    Torres, Bocanegra and who else? Out of a

    Given the popularity of the sport in the Hispanic population, I would expect a disproportionate number of national team players to be Latino — especially since Latinos make up our largest minority. Hence my basketball/Black Americans analogy. Maybe Latino players shouldn’t be as over-represented to the same extent as Blacks are in the NBA (with the enduring popularity of soccer in suburban America), but I think some would be expected if we were making an effort to pull these kids in.


  • CG

    What that was supposed to say was “…Out of the expected 23 man roster for South Africa, only 2 Latinos? That is less than % of Hispanics in the US population.


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