SBI MLS Player of the Week

Buddle is SBI MLS Player of the Week (again)

Edson Buddle (GettyImages)

Edson Buddle may start to run out of room on his resume for all the honors he is racking up.

Buddle scored another two goals to up his season total to nine, while also adding an assist, to help the Los Angeles Galaxy post a 3-1 victory against the Philadelphia Union on Saturday. The performance helped Buddle earn SBI Player of the Week honors a week after he ran away with MLS Player of the Month honors.

There were some other quality performances this past weekend, including memorable matches from Houston's Dom Oduro, New York's Juan Pablo Angel and Real Salt Lake's Andy Williams, but Buddle's was yet another masterpiece for a player who looks intent on playing his way onto the U.S. World Cup squad.

Here is Buddle's second goal:

What did you think of Buddle's performance? Who got your vote for MLS Player of the Week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • yankiboy

    Because if you can get 4 million US for Buddle or even 2 million, I would take the money and run.

    Before the old Buddle comes back.

    And if he keeps scoring like a DP then he is going to deserve DP money. Which they aren’t going to want to pay him.

    They had better cash in while the can.


  • beachbum

    to play possession ball, we need backs who can do it…left backs, center backs, right backs. name our backs who can do it with confidence Aubie4Prez…and then we need the depth to play this way when one is out w/ injury, 2 are out, etc.

    this is where I disagree with your assessment of our abilities…one mistake in the defensive 3rd trying to possess with players who are not adept at it is not intelligent soccer. would I like us to evolve more into this? yes…and I think we are. it’s not just route 1 balls all the time, we pick and choose, but when in doubt, kick it out. no problem here with that from Bornstein, Gooch, Boca, Pearce, DeMerit or whoever it is we’re talking about here.


  • Dontreadondeuce

    Well spoken sir.

    We’re just not there yet, and that doesn’t mean that we can’t be very dangerous. I’m of the opinion that Gooch being uncomfortable handling the ball in the defensive third was what kept him from getting minutes at Milan, as his marking ability is something they really need.


  • jb

    Interesting stats, thanks for sharing. I’d be curious to see what the overall record of the US vs top (10?) teams is over the last, say 20, years. Then compare that to what we’ve done under Bradley, that would be a more fair comparison.

    I agree with the general idea that to be the best you have to beat the best. But the reality is we do not have the talent to consistently beat the top 10 teams, and therefore take a place among them. It hurts me to say that but, for now, it is true. Frankly I think we’ve made great strides in the last 10 years or so. Despite fielding a young and relatively inexperienced team this summer, it is going to be one of our most talented.

    I suspect that you (and others) will get your wish and Bradley will not coach the national team after this summer. My sinking feeling is that it will be difficult to find a competent replacement. It will take some extraordinary luck to get a experienced foreign coach willing to blend with the existing federation. I tend to agree with Ives implications that Bradley may go on to coach in Europe.


  • Aubie4Prez

    Beachbum–Spector has shown good ability to possess and pass, CAstillo, Orozco, even Gooch with the games I saw him play with AC Milan was passing it. Boca has some (you don’t start in Europe for as long as he has without being able to pass…especially as a outside back)…there are players that can. I agree we are not deep with them but I’ve seen glimpses. And a new coach would have 4 years to build the depth and install the tactics.

    But I’m going to argue that the defenders are the issue…it’s tough to pass to a midfield that can’t do it themselves…especially the CDM who just waits for the pass without making that simple move 5 yards to his left to open up. Or the RW guy (Demp) who doesn’t come back to get the ball. Or the forward that waits for the boom to happen instead of trying to find space..even if that means coming back.

    All that above I credit BB for not instilling in them or holding them accountable. And being the fact that we play 80% of our games against non-UEFA/S American teams…we have plenty of games against lesser talent to work on it.


  • beachbum

    Aubie4Prez, Castillo, Orozco? come on, man. agree the whole team is needed to play this way, but the biggest reason we don’t is because of the back line, and the dangers that can mean. maybe Torres in that midfield role sooner or later? and actually, except for the England game, I predict we will look to out-possess, and create chances thru possession, and really do battle on that front tactically, in South Africa. But the route 1 balls and clearing blasts from the back line will still continue…we need to win those balls!


  • sread

    Agreed. Best case scenario would be a strong performance (+/- 3 wins at WC) which puts BB one step closer to his Euro coaching gig and attracts attention to USMNT for another good foreign coach and our players taste success two FIFA tourneys in a row, something we couldn’t seem to do in the past.

    The big question is if USSOCCER will actually bring in a foreign coach. If they keep that door shut, then a whole new debate is opened.


  • BlueWhiteLion

    you can see the whole game with MLSSoccer.com’s “match day live.” I looked at it again. WOuld be nice to do slo-mo, but it certainly should have been called. I would say a yellow. Hard to tell, but it looked from the side, maybe a little behind, swept with his left leg to bring down the union player. Looked careless and a flagrant foul, but not vicious.


  • B&S

    Here’s MY 30 Man Roster for the USMNT Camp on May 17

    * = 23 men selected for SA 2010 World Cup

    01. Howard *

    02. Spector *

    03. Bocanegra *

    04. Bradley *

    05. Onyewu *

    06. Cherundolo *

    07. Beasley *

    08. Dempsey *

    09. Davies *

    10. Donovan *

    11. Buddle *

    12. Bornstein

    13. Clark *

    14. Torres *

    15. DeMerit *

    16. Feilhaber *

    17. Altidore *

    18. Guzan *

    19. Gomez *

    20. Edu *

    21. Goodson *

    22. Holden *

    23. Hahnemann *

    24. Johnson

    25. Castillo

    26. Pearce

    27. Bedoya *

    28. Cooper (As #33)

    29. Adu

    30. Simek


  • BrooklynFC

    Who do you suppose will buy?…. He is a 28 year old American that europe has never heard of…. maybe he can be sold to Club America, because Cabanas might never be the same…..

    I just cant see Europe springing for him, but say he goes to the World Cup and succeeds there could be a market for him but I think the Galaxy would rather Keep him, and sell Donovan cause they will def get more money for him

    MLS needs Edson Buddle to stay… we need an American that kids can look up to…..

    I for one hope the Galaxy keep both Donovan and Edson…. they work very well together… Heck if you need to pay Edson DP money why not

    hes producing


  • BrooklynFC


    Confed Cup On paper
    we had a 2-3 record with negative goal scoring difference

    But you neglect to mention that were beating Italy with a man down and didnt even score our goal ’til after rico got carded….If Rico does not get card we have a very good chance at winning that game or in the very least tying the fixture

    What Bob Bradley has done with this team is nothing short of a miracle.

    This truly is a rag tag bunch of guys who simply play well together…….Joamiq said it best above our passing is severely lacking and no coach can come in and teach that at this level Bob can only manage what he is given and make it successful which is what he has done


  • papa bear

    They are only stopping for the group stages (guess we know how confident they are that we’ll advance, huh? 🙂 )

    Back OT; I love that some people are actually starting to fight for some spots now. Bradley is nuts if he’s not looking at Gomez and Buddle as options. Both are on a tear (though Gomez is done for the season now, too bad he didn’t get loaned to MLS to stay fit)
    If Buddle is still hot deeper into May, how do you keep him off the squad? He is in better shape than Ching and has more physicality and a better nose for goal and speed and…I think he’d be a great man to have off the bench or even to pair up with Jozy against a shorter team.

    Whomever ends up going, I just like that players are realizing now that there are a lot more good players available for the USMNT and they have to play their butts off all the time if they want a spot or want to keep a spot. It seems the days of auto-select are beginning to wane. I welcome it.


  • beachbum

    could be, and if Buddle earns it, why not? Clint would not be out of position up top tho; seen him for Fulham lately? and a Holden/Bedoya tandem on the right flank for those minutes sounds like a good thing


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