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Marquez released by Barcelona

Rafael Marquez 1 (Getty Images)

Thierry Henry might not be the only former Barcelona player on the New York Red Bulls this season.

Rafael Marquez was released by Barcelona on Saturday, a move that could pave the way for Marquez to join Major League Soccer and the New York Red Bulls as a Designated Player.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber told SI.com earlier this week that the Red Bulls had been in deep discussions with the Mexico national team captain, and that he was very hopeful of the move being completed.

If the 31-year-old Marquez does sign with the Red Bulls, he would join Henry and Juan Pablo Angel as the team's designated players. Marquez would fill the Red Bulls' third and final DP slot.

Excited at the thought of Marquez joining MLS and Red Bulls? Think he is worth a DP spot? How do you see him faring with the Red Bulls should he sign? Will New York be the favorites if Marquez joins?

Share your thoughts below?

  • beachbum

    ha ha! who needs to learn? he’ll be playing in the USA, where he is considered to be exactly what he has earned–a wonderfully skilled player who head hunts when things don’t go his way…spoiled little brat

    I make a point of teaching my son that Marquez does it the wrong way…even though he’s as skilled as anybody, ultimately, he’s weak inside, which shows up when adversity confronts him and he acts out…the way a child would

    padawan? ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!


  • LB

    With this signing NYRB> All MLS. I can already see the NYRB haters wetting their panties in fear with their hate filled comments. Keep on whining whiners, cause thats all you’re good at.


  • jspec

    Concerning NYC2. Was really happy that Garber mention Long Island City Queen as a possile stadium site. And I have the perfect location. The corner of Jackson Ave & 21st Street. The Stadium can have Manhattan East Sude skyline, w/ the 59 st Bridge just a few blocks away. You have the E, F, G, 7 & I think the N, R trains near by. It’e the beginning of the L.I.E, the entrance to the MIdtown tunnel., THE B.Q.E IS ALSO CLOSE. Tri-Bridge can bring people from Conn. Bronx, Westchester, Yonkers, Mount Vernon etc, The rest of the boroughs are maybe 20-30 min drive way.

    I can see it now. NY Cosmos FC Park


  • jspec

    PS> there is also the Hunts POint Long Island RailRoad stop, right next to the site. MLS should make this happen. close to Citifield is still to far. THis site is actually the closes open stadium closest to the heart of the city.


  • Christian

    You think a guy who in his prime was one the best players to play his position and has won just about anything he can win in Europe would care what the average American fan thinks about him?

    He’s here for a paycheck and his only loyalties are to RedBull and their fans. If these same fans are unable to make a distinction between national team and club then that’s their problem and those same fans can sulk all they want.

    You support the the badge, not the player.


  • Tim F.

    If Rafa has the same outlook as Thierry in terms of commitment to the team and desire to win a championship with New York, then it is a great signing. He is still a relatively young player playing at the top of his game yet seasoned enough to contribute leadership as well. Rafa can definitely help the Red Bulls. Welcome Rafa!


  • Ben

    Marquez could still play in Europe if he so chose. He still has quite a bit left to give. 8th highest appearances for Barca of any foreign player in its history. Juve still wanted to sign him this summer.

    Great signing if it ends up happening. I think he has 2 more years at a very high level before his play starts dropping off.


  • inkedAG

    I tell you, it’s going to be hard to root for him. I love him as the MEX National Team villan. Now, he’s on RB.


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