MLS MatchDay: Your Running Commentary

It's Independence Day weekend and a big Saturday in MLS play. The highlight of Saturday will be the clash between the Chicago Fire and the Columbus Crew, a pair of Midwestern rivals. This weekend will also signal the return of Jonathan Bornstein to Chivas USA after his time with the US national team.

Here is the match schedule:

  • Chicago Fire at Columbus Crew – 8:00pm FSC/FSE
  • Kansas City at FC Dallas – 8:30PM MLS Direct Kick
  • D.C. United at San Jose Earthquakes – 10:00pm MLS Direct Kick
  • Philadelphia Union at Chivas USA – 10:30pm FSC/FSE

We will be providing coverage of tonight's late match between Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union so stay tuned for our match day commentary. Make sure to leave all your comments, thoughts, feelings and analysis on the day in MLS right here.


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  • Alex

    curious to see if the World Cup will have an impact on possible increase in attendance on the MLS games tonight.


  • ...

    3 goals in 5 minutes in the Crew/Fire game. What a way to end a half: Moffat puts Crew 1-up, Hejduk own goal levels it, then Garey restores the lead.


  • Brian S.

    I wish there was more interest in this weekend’s games but I guess everyone is soccered out.


  • DJ

    Whoever in the Fire front office determined that Dykstra was an MLS-level goalie should be fired immediately. All Dykstra is missing is his size-200 shoes to be a complete clown.


  • WK

    Future US MNT defender Ike Opara can score with his feet too! Quakes 1-0 halftime…


  • froboy

    I love the MLS and think it is getting a lot better, but i have to admit watching all the world cup games makes it harder for me to watch a full MLS game without changing the channel.


  • bayonetbrant

    Anyone watch Crew-Fire on FSC?

    Just wondering what y’all thought of the ref. From the stands, he looked pretty awful. Missed several calls that looked very obvious to us, and seemed fairly inconsistent with what was a foul and what wasn’t.


  • Matt

    I’ve never liked that ref, honestly. At least the Crew got the points. Hejduk tried to keep the Fire in the game, but the rest of the Crew had other plans.


  • JoeW

    DCU comes back on the road to tie San Jose. Ipara with the initial goal on a loose ball off of a header. Andy Najar then comes back to tie it in the second half.


  • babieca

    We had 4050 for the Austin-PR game on a night that was threatening rain. Not the best crowd of the year, but a good one for us.

    Hopefully it continues.


  • beckster

    It was a bit tough watching DCU and the quakes after all the world cup but I’d give Convey Man of the Match. Another assist. Another goal line header save and all over the field causing problems the whole game. If Bradley stays on as the Nats coach I wonder if Convey will get looked at again – he should.


  • MensreaJim

    I really enjoyed my FC Dallas game last night (I was still in a daze for the one last Saturday), and from what I understand there was unprecedented local coverage of the game. It was probably focusing on Shea’s cornrows, though.


  • Front Row

    There needs to be an additional ref on the field. One guy, forty yards away is going to miss alot. Hockey added a second ref and it helped. American football has a myriad of stripes up and down the field. How can guy keep his eyes on 22 players?


  • Dave

    Dykstra is terrible. That first goal is on him. Conde has been playing lazy all year and was burned a couple times last night as well. And what is the deal with no one being able to get a shot on goal? Nyarko had a great chance but hit it wide. This team really misses Rolfe right now.


  • Pat O

    Watching the Crew v. Fire game again on FSC this morning I have to think that with Gaven and Rogers running the wings as smoothly as they are the Crew is going to be very tough to beat for the remainder of this year.


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