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Tuesday Kickoff: Transfer deadline looms, Vermes faces charge and more

Robinho (ISIphotos.com)

Today is the last day European teams can sign players who aren't free agents, which means there is plenty of last-minute shopping going on around Europe.

The biggest rumors circulating center around a pair of Manchester City strikers, with Robinho slated to move to AC Milan, and Emmanuel Adebayor reportedly preparing for a loan move to Tottenham (Though fresh report insist Adebayor and goalkeeper Shay Given are staying put).

As far as Americans go, it appears Benny Feilhaber will be staying put at Danish second division club AGF Aarhus, while Freddy Adu stated "Aris it is" on his Twitter feed, which would suggest he's going to stay on loan with Greek club Aris. There is no news on Jay DeMerit, though as a free agent he is not bound by the transfer deadline. Eddie Johnson's future also remains in limbo, with a rumored move to Queens Park Rangers a possibility.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday going:


Kansas City Wizards head coach Peter Vermes has been charged with a DUI stemming from an arrest on Aug. 24, the Kansas City Star reported late on Monday.

According to the report, Vermes was arrested on Aug. 24 and was released after posting $750 bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. 9.

The former U.S. World Cup star and current Wizards head coach helped guide KC to an impressive victory against Los Angeles last weekend, and is set to introduce the Wizards' first Homegrown Player signing. He has yet to comment on the arrest, and MLS has yet to issue a statement or punishment connected with the incident.


Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan is set to join Sunderland on a 12 million move.

Javier Mascherano was unveiled by Barcelona and promptly ripped Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson for spreading lies about him.

Schalke has completed the signing of Dutch striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar.

Interim manager Kevin MacDonald has told Aston Villa he wants to keep the job permanently.

Italian (by way of Argentina) midfielder Mauro Camoranesi has signed with VfB Stuttgart.


What do you think of these developments? Disappointed that Feilhaber is staying with Aarhus? Think Vermes should be suspended? Looking forward to seeing Mascherano in the Barcelona midfield?

Share your thoughts below.

  • SwerveZ

    I never liked Mascherano…
    I really think Villa was about to sign Bradley. Not sure MacDonald has the skin to be a head coach at Villa.


  • nam

    They would have been going against their own word of signing someone with EPL experience then.


  • Jared

    As a Sunderland supporter, I’m excited about the Gyan signing. As a USMNT supporter, I won’t be buying a Gyan Sunderland jersey.


  • Steve C

    Well, I can’t see Benny wearing a US jersey anytime soon. At least, until Aarhus get back up into the 1st division.


  • Chris

    Out of curiosity, what draws Americans to support Sunderland/Stoke/Wolves etc. just seems a bit random by the way no offense is meant by this comment. Personally I support Fulham and you can imagine why


  • kimo

    As for Adu…ouch…he’s going to have a very hard time even getting a jersey at Aris. In previous posts over the last month or so, I’ve outlined specifically where Adu went afoul at Aris. The manager wants NO part of Adu; however, as I previously said, they are stuck w/ him per their arraignment w/ Benfica. Possible interested teams had Aris by the stones over wage concessions and were only willing to pay the minimum for Adu. He’ll be in limbo again until the next transfer window. This kid is less wanted than the clap!


  • Josh D

    Hleb has meant to have signed for Birmingham who are quickly becoming a stable PL team.


  • Josh D

    I think it’ll hurt his chances of starting, albeit he was only a bench player to begin with in most games. But he won’t exactly be dropped unless his performances go South.

    You could argue that their Division 2 is equal to the EPL’s Division One (read actually their third) which would mean the likes of Grella should get an opportunity based on last season.

    Not liking the fact Benny is staying, he is far too good for where he is.


  • riggis

    Adu will be playing at Aris? this according to his twitter account… Will he get any playing time there? I thought he was on his way out because Cuper considered him surplus requirements.


  • riggis

    oops, as soon as i typed this i read kimos post on the adu situation. not good my friends.


  • patrick

    Shame about benny, I would have liked to see him go anywhere away from Aarhus.

    Looks like Bundlesliga could be the top league this year. They’ve picked up so many great signings this summer, and after the German performance at the WC, I think we’re ready for a German heavy year. Schalke especially is going after the big guns


  • Smacking

    Can’t believe Beasley is the only America to move during the transfer window, post world cup.


  • j

    Valid question.

    We know one of the owner’s well from their association with Austin Aztex, so my family is now solid Stoke fans (as hard as that can be with their brutsih play).


  • steveo

    right, but other than that he looks thrilled to have Adu around! what with all the playing time Adu is getting, all th starts and accolades from the coaches, teammates and fans….


  • BrooklynFC

    Thank You Robinho for making Ronaldinho Surplus at the San Siro…. No way he resigns with your selfish A** playing there

    LA Galaxy here comes Ronaldinho next summer should be fun, anyone catch the Milan Game this past weekend? Ronaldinho was simply Magical almost as good as his PSG/Barca days


  • Vik

    I really don’t understand his situation. It’s unfathomable that even a Danish first division club doesn’t pick him up. He had a good world cup, so what’s the deal? I doubt he would be expensive.


  • Smacking

    I had thought Boca’s move was prior to the Cup, but you’re right. Stability is good thing in some cases, but there are yanks that still need to move and a few that I thought would garner more interest.


  • Rory

    I can’t believe how many Mexicans moved to big teams while no Americans drew much interest. If you told me Bradley would stay put at gladbach after his performance against England I would have laughed.


  • Rory

    I just like to root for the little guys so I’ll never root for ManU or Chelsea or Arsenal. I was a bit of a Man City fan until they got all the money in the world and that kind of ruined that.


  • Ryan

    Couldn’t agree more. Earlier this summer, Milan made it very clear Ronaldinho would only leave if another big name player joined the team. LA Galaxy fans should start celebrating now.


  • David Drake

    First, you’re right that Dinho was magical Sunday. And if he keeps playing that way, he’ll stay on the field at Milan (and stay at the Club) regardless of what Robinho does or doesn’t do. He looked like he was trying to show Brasil what a mistake they made by not calling him to South Africa for the World Cup.


  • jtd

    wow, no comments on vermes? I work in an intensive care unit and for the last week I’ve been taking care of a kid who was rear ended by a drunk
    driver, he had every bone in his head crushed and his face pretty much torn in half. As an mls fan since day one im embarrassed. It’s inexcusable that the coach- the leader of the team, the face of an organization- is driving while intoxicated and putting other people at risk.


  • Wm.

    He’ll be punished for his mistake, assuming he’s guilty. Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson (like most people do when caught DUI).

    I like Vermes, so good luck to him in sorting this out and happy nobody was hurt.

    I hope the boy in ICU you are taking care of has a miraculous recovery. So sad.


  • Jamez

    If Benny is as good as you all want to believe how come he couldn’t find a better team ? even in the same league ? even Beasley got a good contract this summer.


  • bandeeto

    Beasley looks older than 28… more like 38. Perhaps it’s just that he’s been around so long.


  • Stephen

    Why do you say that? Doesn’t his play with the Nats warrant him wearing the Jersey, not necessarily what Division the team he plays for is in? Also, Demerit played for a Championship division English club and still put on a Nats jersy, because his play with them (the Nats) warranted a spot.


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