Chivas USA Official: Club looking for new stadium site (UPDATED)



The rumors of a potential move for Chivas USA are back.

While promoting the second edition of the "ChivaClasico" between Chivas USA and the parent club Chivas de Guadalajara, the Communications Manager of Chivas USA admitted to the Mexican media that plans are in the works to construct a new stadium specifically for the club. 

[UPDATED: Chivas USA media relations issued this statement to SBI: "Every team in MLS would like to have its own stadium and Chivas USA is not the exception. There are long terms plans to have our own stadium but for now we are happy to be in this facility, which is one of the best soccer specific stadiums in the country."]

These comments come amid speculation that the ChivaClasico friendly at Petco Park in San Diego on Sept 14th could be the first step in a move away from the Home Depot Center.

Chivas USA has shared the Home Depot Center with the Los Angeles Galaxy since the club's inception in 2004. 


Excited that Chivas USA may get their own stadium? Would you prefer if they stay at the Home Depot Center? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Joseph D'Hippolito

    Ezra, the problem with your reasoning is that 1) you’re comparing teams in MLB, NBA and NHL to teams in MLS, which doesn’t have the same popularity or fan base 2) you’re not addressing the attendance discrepancies between the Galaxy and Chivas USA, discrepancies that began long before Beckham got here.

    I think New York is the only area that could support two MLS teams, provided one is in NYC itself. The area is more ethnically diverse, so trying to pander to one ethnic group won’t work.


  • Jamin Barnes

    San Diego needs a team. It’s too far to drive to LA plus the traffic sucks. Come MLS put a team down here!!


  • Ezra

    1) How does a sport not having the same “popularity or fan base” make my argument invalid? MLB, NBA, and NHL all have vastly different popularities and fan bases (seriously how can you compare MLBs popularity of 40,000 fans for 81 home games vs 16,000 for 41 in NHL). This is about creating a distinguishable difference in where the fan base is being pulled from. It’s not much different than the argument saying move to San Diego because you can pull from a different fan base. I’m just saying that they don’t need to move that far, there are plenty of people in LA like me who don’t want to travel to Carson and thus limit the number of games they attend.

    2) Of course not, that has nothing to do with what I’m saying. If you really are concerned about it though, it’s quite obvious and similar to the Lakers/Clippers. One team was there first. That same team also has been the better team and has the most playoff games/championships. Contrast that to the Dodgers/Angels. Dodgers were there first and have been more successful, but the Angels moved to a entirely different area of LA and have their own segment of dedicated fans.


  • ELAC

    Certainly Zach, Clayton , and every “non-racist” racist moron is entitled to their opinion.

    For me, given that I occasionally speak with a certain member of the ownership for Chivas USA, all I can say is that we’ll be in Carson for a while. Perhaps 1-2 seasons more.

    The new stadium will NOT be in San Diego. It might be in OC, but not in East LA. (my home).

    As far as re-branding, I think we all agree that the Chivas brand does not work in the MLS. We don’t need to burn crosses or wear white hoods to prove that point. It was ill-conceived in 2005 and were are still feeling the residual effects of that poor decision-making.

    For the record, the Chivas USA has cost us fans more than any of you will ever know. The stupid “Chivas Clasico” is a perfect example of what I mean.

    Dantheblue, thanks for speaking your mind again. I hate your team, but I wholeheartedly respect your opinion.


  • dave

    Maybe the team could move to Fullerton. Problem though is that Titan Stadium needs to be remodeled. Also, where would the team have practice? I attended CSUF and most of the land is already used on classrooms, parking, and physical education classes. Santa Ana would work if the current stadium got demolished and a new stadium built. The stadium in Huntington Park would be ok but no luxury suites. The inland counties have land, yet horrible traffic problems. The traffic problem would have to be considered and roads expanded. No easy fix exists and a move to Las Vegas could happen.


  • Eubanks

    San Diego is mostly Mexican/Latino/Hispanic you can name it any thing you want as long as you advertise in Spanish the fans will come.


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