SBI Match Day Commentary

Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Tuesday's aren't normally a big day for live soccer, but thanks to the English Premier League and the holiday season, we've got a loaded slate of matches today.

Eric Lichaj, Brad Friedel and Aston Villa take on Manchester City while Clint Dempsey is back in the lineup for Fulham against Stoke City.

Here is a rundown of today's matches on TV and web:

10am– Fox Soccer Channel- Manchester City vs. Aston Villa

10am– Fox Soccer Plus- Tottenham vs. Newcastle

10am– Foxsoccer.tv- West Bromwich Albion vs. Blackburn

10am– Foxsoccer.tv- Sunderland vs. Blackpool

10am– Foxsoccer.tv- Stoke vs. Fulham

Noon– Fox Soccer Plus- West Bromwich Albion vs. Blackburn (Delayed) 

12:30pm– Fox Soccer Channel- West Ham vs. Everton

3pm– ESPN2- Birmingham City vs. Manchester United

5pm– Fox Soccer Chanel- Stoke City vs. Fulham (Delayed)


If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action:


  • kev

    Fulham up 2-0 thanks to FK’s by Chris Baird of all people. 23rd min. Also Kenwyne Jones haven’t scored in 12 league matches for Stoke. Good to know.

    Dempsey playing behind AJ I believe


  • Thor

    Not a good day for Lichaj, oh well it’s only his 3rd EPL start. He was probably due for a let down after Saturday’s game.


  • Jack

    Not a good day for all of the Villa defense, really. He was caught sleeping a few times, but the center backs haven’t exactly been there either. He (and the rest of Villa) played much better in the last 15, but too little too late.


  • RedLine55

    uh oh, Johnny in for Ilunga. Back to defense for him. Hopefully he can catch up fast against Peinnar


  • RedLine55

    Damn, Goal coleman, 1-1. Goal came in on Spector’s post, but he had to pick up the wide open guy in the middle, leaving space behind. Fun game, though.


  • Beckster

    Fox commentator says Everton attacking the right side because Spector is not suited for playing that position. Saying he was caught ball watching.


  • RedLine55

    That’s mostly true, it’s definitely not his preferred position. But calling it a walkabout is unfair, seeing that he rightly took someone else’s guy who was completely open in front of the goal instead of the guy further away from the net from the back.

    Will be interesting to see what Grant changes around at half, since he already used the sub and won’t wanna use another so soon.


  • Thor

    Some of the problems that Lichaj and Spector have had today are due in part to poor play from CB’s. The importance of having top CB’s can not be understated.


  • Bravo ESPN!

    I gotta give ESPN a shout out for the excellent work this year on their EPL broadcasts: behind the scenes video (locker rooms, players arriving), Hi DEF (bad a$$), and good commentators.

    Now one request: please use this expertise to improve MLS broadcasts! More cameras. better producers, and for goodness sakes better commentators.


  • Peter

    I think you should get your request as far as commentators go. Ian Darke I believe is now the main soccer commentator in the US for both USMNT and MLS major games.


  • Brad

    Anyone else think that Maca (can’t spell his name) sounds mush-mouthed on the epl games? Must be his mike because he didn’t speak that way during the world cup…


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