What will you remember most about 2010?

USMNTDogPile (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

With 2010 down to its last day and final hours, it's time to you to share with us the most memorable moments of an eventful year.

What, from a soccer standpoint, will you remember most about 2010? Will it be Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria? The USA-England World Cup match? The Colorado Rapids winning MLS Cup? Thierry Henry signing with MLS? Juan Agudelo's U.S. national team debut? Inter Milan's treble? Akron's championship season? Stuart Holden's rise? The arrival of the Philadelphia Union? Spain's run to the World Cup?

Will you remember negative or sad things? Will it be the FIFA shadiness, or the USA loss to Ghana? The Netherlands and their World Cup final thuggery? Nigel DeJong's bone breaking? Togo's African Cup of Nations tragedy? The retirements of Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston and Brian McBride, among so many others?

I will share my favorite 2010 moments later on today. For now, please feel free to share your favorite soccer moments of 2010 in the comments section below.

  • Jamie Z.

    I will remember 2010 as the year Freddy Adu finally put the doubters to rest and showed the world he was truly a world class talent.


  • Matt in Tampa

    With you Wilyboy. Had Landy not scored that goal, Bradley’s goal would have been at or near top…. kind like pretty good looking girl standing next to Megan Fox. Just not fair to compare.

    ps. Landy’s other goal where he just about took the keeper’s face off, is also a hot chick next to Megan Fox.

    I guess had Megan Fox scored the goal against Algeria instead of Landy, it could not have been topped.


  • Mike in Long Island

    LD’s goal hands down… Bradley’s goal in Slovenia game a close second. With the obvious aside I’d say Stuart Holden’s emergence and Landon’s excellent stint at Everton for me.


  • Matt C in tampa

    Here’s how you spend new year’s eve. Drinking game. Go to Youtube and flip through the world cup videos. Whoever sheds a tear first, takes a shot. Everyone else has no true passion for US soccer and must take three shots.

    Start with Cantor’s call. I could swear he’s about to cry.


  • Ron from Tampa Bay

    Highs: LD smashmouth goal to start the comeback against Slovenia, LD 90+ vs Algeria, the rise of young USMNT players – Aguedelo, Ream, Gonzo, Diskerud, Lichaj, Bedoya, Holden

    Lows: We still have Bunker Bob Bradley squandering an opportunity to possibly make the World Cup semis and squander the young crop of players for the 2014 cycle, Typical anti-American referees at the World Cup and the hypocritical corruption of Sepp Blater and FIFA


  • RB

    Donovan’s goal against Slovenia over the one against Algeria, for me. As big as the latter was, of course, it didn’t carry quite that in-your-face, sheer determination aspect, and didn’t start the whole turnaround that got the team going and into position to get as far as they did.


  • Fred Garvin

    US Open Cup Final

    US Open Cup SSFC vs LA at Starfire <–Best beer garden in MLS

    Landon's goal


  • BradAR

    Obviously Landon’s goal. I still choke up whenever I watch replays of in (in both Spanish and English).

    I will also remember how many times the US got screwed over by FIFA with blown calls against Slovenia, Algeria, and the worst, giving the World Cup to Qatar.

    Finally, I will remember how the once mighty and proud Liverpool was nearly brought to its knees. For such a huge and popular club to almost be forced into administration is disgraceful.


  • Chris

    pass left, pass right, doesn’t matter where = à gauche, à droite, n’importe où

    Sorry, French major here 🙂


  • gabecarrillo79@yahoo.com

    Donovan’s goal vs. Algeria by far!! Followed by the opening game at Red Bull Arena … from running into other fans at the train station to walking into the stadium and realizing we finally had a home!!


  • wesaley

    Is that James Dolan on the left of this picture. If so,I just wanted to say thank you for being the worst owner in sports.


  • TimN

    My list:
    1) No brainer…Donovan goal versus Algeria. One of the biggest goals EVER in US Soccer.
    2) Bradley equalizer against Slovenia…a game that truly seemed lost, then everything changed
    3) Dempsey goal versus England…weak, but it accomplished a HUGE goal in group play
    4) Dempsey goal versus Juventus…one of the best goals ANYWHERE of 2010


  • You could not write a script like this!

    I will remember 2010 as the year I started to follow soccer on a daily basis. I was a casual fan of the US Men before, but, thanks to blogs like this, I am now a diehard fan. The goal by Donovan sealed it for me.


  • Kei Kamara

    Wondolowski’s season and respective MVP that he was denied. (to a crap player from another country).


  • sciroccer

    The Donovan-Algeria goal! WOW!My family watched that live, and the neighbor called the police on us (thinking domestic violence) because of our screaming. The best part was the cops watched the replays with us afterward -but I think what’s going to really stick with me is the disallowed goal, when Edu was supposedly offside???


  • Sean

    That Landon goal against Algeria wasn’t just my favorite soccer moment of 2010, but my favorite soccer moment ever. And it even falls in the top ten (if not 5) sports moments of all time for me


  • http://www.datecover.com

    Landy cakes goal against Algeria. It wasn’t only the best moment of 2010… it was the BEST MOMENT IN US SOCCER HISTORY! It wasn’t so much the goal, or the stage, but more because every american for that same moment held their breath, then exhalde in sheer joy, because of Soccer. Go USA!

    writer for http://www.datecover.com


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