MLS Draft 2011

2011 MLS Draft: A Look Ahead


Photo Courtesy of MLSSoccer.com

The 2011 MLS Draft is set to begin Thursday at Noon and while we have a good idea who the first two players picked will be, it isn't a stretch to call this year's draft one of the toughest to predict in recent memory.

I will be posting a Final 50-player MLS Draft Big Board, as well as a full three-round MLS Mock Draft later on tonight (They would have been sooner if I hadn't fallen ill on Tuesday). For now, you can read these Fox Soccer pieces to prepare you for Thursday's Draft:

The MLS Combine Winners and Losers

The 2011 MLS First Round Mock Draft

Please give these stories a read and feel free to share your thoughts on the MLS Draft below.

  • MemRook

    I love what’s to come: the inevitable wheeling and dealing by teams to move up in the draft and/or cover their specific needs. It’s fun to watch. I just hope my Gals do right by themselves after some *very* questionable off-season moves (Cristman, really????). I wonder who will be this year’s “Are they serious!?” draft pick.


  • Cletus Bugsley

    Wait a second. On the one hand, you say that Anthony Ampai-whateveritis had a lousy combine and his stock probably dropped (which was always slated for around the mid-first round), but then you have the Sounders taking him with the 11th pick, which makes no sense in light of his showing. Obviously doesn’t really matter, because everyone knows Seattle is packaging its picks to the bimbos…. uhhh, Philadelphia, for their first.


  • 20

    Will the entire draft be on tv or will it be like last year where they only show the first round?


  • Timmy B

    Ives, do you think with the addition of Didier Domi and Ryan Cochrane the Revs will go for a scoring presence with their first pick instead of the best value? Anibaba would no doubt be a great pick but the Revs scored the 3rd fewest goals in the league last season. I think a Perovic/Meram pairing up front could be exciting to see.


  • Stoop

    Got any Baltimore plans? I can offer a The-Wire-Shot-Scenes-Here tour for the adventurous. And the brave.


  • RevsFan

    I’d rather see them spend a pick on a stud CM or CDM to pair with Shalrie. They really felt the lose of Larentowicz in the midfield and spent a draft pick last year on Schilawski.

    Revs played a lot of defense last year, so it’d be great if they could get a guy with some poise over the ball in the midfield.


  • b

    GKs tend to fall, and SJ says they are looking for a GK. It may not happen, but it’s the right spot to place him in a Mock Draft.
    I think Quakes fans would be ecstatic to get McMath, he is the real deal and could one day start for the USMNT.


  • mike

    I’m clearly missing something. McMath must be a stud…otherwise as a Quakes fan I would be a little bummed if they took a GK with their pick. The team has so many pressing needs another forward or an attacking midfielder come to mind off the bat. Ives where do you see John Rooney going? I’d be happy if the Quakes could get him in the second round. Once again John Doyle we need an attacking mid.


  • b

    mls.com probably cares more about the soccer stadiums than the draft, but yes the other rounds will be streamed on MLSsoccer.com


  • Kaiser


    Have you seen the piece on ESPN with the best and worst MLS draft picks of all time. They ranked Jospeh Ngwenya the 2nd worst overall pick of all time…even worse than Steve Shak. Be thankful you got out of that dump, cause their MLS writing is getting worse and worse.


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