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Perlaza joining Portland on trial, signing imminent

JorgePerlaza (Reuters)


The Portland Timbers have already stockpiled an impressive collection of attacking talent, but John Spencer's squad isn't done adding weapons.

According to sources within MLS, Portland is set to bring Colombian striker Jorge Perlaza on trial and the Timbers are on the verge of signing the 25-year-old Colombian.

Perlaza had been linked to the Philadelphia Union earlier in the winter, but it is Portland where he is headed. If signed, he would join a strike force that already includes newly-acquired Kenny Cooper, first-round draft pick Darlington Nagbe and USSF Division 2 standouts Eddie Johnson and Bright Dike.

A speedster who helped Deportes Tolima reach the Colombian League championship and qualify for Copa Libertadores, Perlaza scored 10 goals for Tolima in the Liga Postobon II in the fall.

If Portland adds Perlaza, which sources believe will happen, the Timbers could start with Cooper and Perlaza as starters, with Nagbe playing a midfield role, while Johnson and Dike provide depth.

The Timbers aren't done adding weapons. The club is also in the market for a playmaker and sources tell SBI the Timbers have put in a bid for an attacking midfielder.

What do you think of this development? Starting to think the Timbers will boast a dangerous attack? Still wondering about the defense?

Share your thoughts below.

  • bottlcaps

    With the exception of the good, but oft-injured Kenny Cooper, nobody else has proven MLS goal-scoring experience. But lots of potential.


  • Paul

    Chicago will be the worst team in MLS. No movement with the Fire despite knowing for 2 years that Brown macBride and Conde would all be gone. Both Dp’s are gone and they have no strikers whatsoever. Training camp started today and all they have brought in are 2 high school aged Colombians. sad season in the windy city to come.


  • jonk

    I’m also excited to see what Gilbert can do, but I don’t think throwing around “one is from Arsenal” is going to impress anyone when referencing a defender.


  • Tim

    Portland’s defenders are in most cases young, in some cases unproven, and in at least one case, coming off of a season ending injury. Lot of outstanding prospects in there, but not loads of experience. Careful with that f-word at the end there – you might be the one lookin the fool come March and April.


  • John

    Timbers will be interesting to watch. Brought up a lot of their D2 guys who will all have something to prove at the next level, supplemented those guys with a number of young guys who will all have something to prove at this level, and added a shot of Kenny Cooper’s dad into the mix.

    All being said I think they will miss out on the playoffs, but if all pans out well, they’ve at least given themselves a chance of being able to do really well. To compare, Vancouver seems to be playing in a different world.


  • jonk

    So Ives, the various media reports on Perlaza mention a contract dispute issue with Tolima; more specifically him needing to void a contract. Does the confidence in saying he’s nearly signed mean that this issue is resolved?


  • Idaho Brian

    I think the Timbers have put themselves in better position to succeed than Vancouver (at least so far), but I still see them missing the playloffs and finishing near the bottom of the conference. I don’t see much MLS proven talent, and I don’t know if anyone can be sure what Kenny Cooper brings to the table anymore (in way of form or durability).


  • Ed

    Very intrigued by Bright Dike. He was drafted very highly in last years draft, only to be cut in training camp by the Crew. He ended up with Portland, but didn’t see the pitch until the middle of the season. Once he started playing he had an immediate impact, scoring goals like mad. He’s a bit unpolished as a player, but is a force physically. he’s one of those guys who is massively built without ever stepping in a weight room. Don’t be surprised if this guy makes a name for himself and earns some time with the timbers.


  • mike m

    It will be hard to not have DIKE in the line up. He gives defenders fits. He should make life easy for Cooper or whoever is next to him.

    Having him come in late vs a tired D would be nice too.

    Watching some highlight of Jose, makes me worry that most of his goals where headers in a league much smaller the MLS. The also don’t seem to play D too hard. There seemed to be lots of time for mid’s to just give the ball back in forth. Could be a rough transition.


  • fischy

    Last offseason, DC United signed a defender/midfielder who used to play for Manchester United. He was cut before the season started.


  • ericJ

    As a Sounders fan (who doesnt understand hatred unless it is personal..) I must say that the Timbers are shaping up to be a potentially fun team to watch, on paper anyways. Their fans would expect nothing less I am sure.


  • Ed

    would love to see him get ultimate redemption vs the Crew. And yeah he shields defenders like a boss. Another reason why I think he’ll be successful is that he always seems to play up to the competition, did it at notre dame and then Portland. Get em Dike


  • The Dude

    Funny to see the difference between VAN and POR. Vancouver is all defense and Portland is all offense. Funny to see if either have any balance this year.


  • Z_ack

    I think Timbers will be good. They will impress a lot and make it into playoffs.

    (off topic)Paul,
    Chicago have 40 players in training camp right now from all over the world. Calm down.


  • b

    Portland’s defense will be reasonably decent and they should be a competitive team that is fun to watch. Vancouver on the other hand is looking like they will almost certainly end up with a top 3 draft pick next year (and that’s with Montreal joining the league).


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