Under-20 World Cup

SBI U.S. U-20 Spotlight: Gale Agbossoumonde

Gale Agbossoumonde INT from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • Peretz48

    It’s definitely Joseph Gyau. Gale is a critical part of this team, and their future success is dependent, in part, on his ability to marshal the back line. That can only come from his continued development, and for that he needs games. That’s why his upcoming trial at Djurgarden in Sweden is so important. C’mon, Boss, show ’em what ‘ya got!!!


  • adub

    Joe Gyau and Gale are the future of the USMNT. Gale’s upcoming trail in Sweden is definitley important but i think he will do very well, make the team, and hopefully see plenty of PT something he didnt get at Estoril…. Hes a freak tho, big strong kid, hard to believe he isnt even 20…I havent seen him play a ton, but you can tell just by his size and age, that hes on his way to becoming a world class CB. maybe we will see him in the premier league one day.



    Why didn’t Bob call Gale Agbossoumonde into the January camp against Chile? I hope he gets alot of playing time in Sweeden.


  • b

    Based on the description of his playing style, Gale is definitely talking about Joe Gyau.
    That dude is an incredible talent, and it looks like he’s matured from being a bit of a brat to having a cool confidence.


  • b

    Because Chile doesn’t really matter for us, whereas the U20s really need him at much as possible. Also given how much Traffic Sports jerks him around from trial to trial as an indentured servant, I think it’s better for him to stay in one camp and get comfortable rather than going from U20s in Florida to USMNT camp in SoCal like Agudelo did…


  • b

    Eurosnobs say we Americans are not passionate about the sport… Unless Traffic Sports gets him to into a steady situation and stops moving him from trial to trial, some vigilant citizen needs to find their offices and make sure they have to sweep up broken glass in the mornings.


  • Ed Ho


    Just wanted to chime in here that these video segments are an outstanding addition. This type of content is rare if available at all for the US Soccer scene. Kudos to you for the insight to add this. Its clear you are trying to elevate coverage to levels similar to other major sports.

    Would love to see this in the future at MLS practices, MLS academies, US National Team & Youth Team camps/games, and from Yanks Abroad when with their team.



  • Thorpinski

    So TR could evaluate the quality of the forwads in camp by making them play against Gale. No reason why he can’t be in the 2014 WC, this guy is an elite talent


  • WK

    the vids are great but I’m bummed since they won’t play on my iPhone. Suggestions anyone?


  • ThaDeuce

    Yep, they are super rad.

    Ives is my hero.

    He has completely transformed the lack of information available to US soccer fans.


  • Swede

    Really interesting interview!

    We need a good centerback to partner our great finn Joona Toivio. I hope Gale can be the one! He seems mature and confident.

    /Djurgårdens IF Fan


  • Brendan

    I love this dude. I’ve seen him play in Syracuse a few years back. He very well could be the rock in our back four during the olympics and, fingers crossed, the next world cup cycle.

    Hopefully he gets a loan approved after his trial and finally gets solid playing time.

    By the way, boo Traffic Sports USA.


  • Thorpinski

    He was definately talking about Joe Gyau. Gyau also spoke highly favorably about Gale during a recent interview.

    Also he mentioned that Gyau had the 5th best ever socre on the soccer fitness test. Can’t remember the name of the test.


  • screw traffic

    Hopefully traffic’s reputation spreads all over the soccer-sphere in the US so no one ever signs with them, screw traffic!


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