The Latest from Special1 TV

  • Kevin

    Hahaha. I have never taken the time to watch one of these before because I assumed it would be a little too stupid. It’s actually pretty clever.


  • Justin Roelant

    Special1 TV meets JFK meets Donald Trump. I love all the allusions and references! Cracked me up. I wonder who the new third one is going to be….


  • choiv

    Previous ‘episodes’ have been far more clever than this on, in my opinion, so I would encourage you to check a few back-episodes out.

    One of my favorites was the show that came out after Arsenal acquired Andrey Arshavin. The World Cup 2010 wrap was pretty good too.


  • marko

    THere is NO Be Champions at the end??
    its a sacrilege i say!!

    Speaking of which, does anyone know where to get Special 1 tshirts?
    I looked around online and havent found any for the kids who have been clamouring for it.

    THe closest I found is a black tee with the faces of 4 puppets but they are adult sizes.

    I remember seeing a nice Mourinho puppet face with Be Champions on it quite a few times about 1-2 years ago.

    Love the show and all the characters and their catchphrases; Jose, Sven, The Boy, Pupper Ronnie and the callers are just
    mint; Holloways masticated words with sheep sounds, Dave’s love of Ameobi, the Blackburn clucking, Roy Keane, Mick Flipping ‘eck, the Voyeur, Drogba, etc…
    The best recent episode was SPECIAL1 TV (S2 EP11) Voyeurs Pulp Fiction & Arry’s Bargain Bin

    Doitchampions youtube page has all the shows listed in orders and easy to navigate:


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