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UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


Two more teams will punch their tickets to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday, and one of last year's finalists — and potentially the champion — will be sent home early.

Inter Milan faces an uphill battle in its second leg against Bayern Munich (3:45 p.m., FoxSoccer.tv/Fox Sports Network), who lead by a 1-0 margin and boast an away goal after Mario Gomez' late finish in the opening leg in Italy. The defending champions need a stout performance in Germany to keep their dreams of a repeat alive.

The day's other tie involves Manchester United and Marseille (3:45 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes), who battled to a 0-0 draw in the opening leg in France. The Red Devils, who have Nani in the lineup but will be without Nemanja Vidic, will look to exercise their home-field advantage to win and join fellow English club Tottenham in the quarterfinals.

If you will be watching either match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

  • Toumba

    It pains me a great deal to compliment a Mexican player because of our heated rivalry but I must keep it real……Chicharito has got a fantastic work rate. He is the little yapper that is at your heels and compliments Rooney’s bulldog style. Great signing by United.


  • Gacm32

    I’m never really impressed by Javier Hernandez. He has great movement and pace but that is about it, his first touch is pretty mediocre.


  • BenH

    Yes, mediocre yet in his first year he is starting more and more regularly for the 2nd biggest club in the world.


  • Danie

    As long as he keeps scoring no one will care about his first touch. He is there to score.


  • away goals

    Can’t tell if you’re being genuine or not.

    He could have the first touch of an anvil, his goal-scoring record is more than enough to impress even the most critical fans.

    Unless you prefer forwards of the less prolific persuasion.


  • Grat

    Mediocre? no mediocre if he would have missed it. His touches are are kind of weak but doesn’t take nothing from him


  • Gacm32

    If he would have missed that tap in, I think he would have been considered a touch less than mediocre. I know people who don’t even play football who could’ve finished that second one.


  • Spectra

    Bayern Could have easily won 6-1, or 6-2 but wow they just could not put inter away.


  • BenH

    Yes, but it’s also about positioning and he seems to always be where he needs to.

    I suppose you are being genuine. Did you happen to see his 2 WC goals? Poor first touch? On one he gets a long pass, perfectly chests it down just far enough away from the keeper and puts it in, against Argentina he perfectly touches it and turns and rips the shot.


  • Daniel

    I honestly never thought he would make such a big impact. I was expecting only a few goals from him. I still remember when people said it was just a marketing strategy. Good for him. It brings credibility to the area.


  • John Harvey

    You are an troll… And I can tell you don’t follow him, for he’s scored a wide variety of goals, including a sublime one vs Argentina in the WC!


  • Gacm32

    Haha wow you get flamed if you say one wrong thing about Chicharito. People need to go back and actually READ MY POSTS. The second was strictly in response to somebody elses post. I never said he was overrate or that he was a bad player, I actually thing he is a great young player. I just haven’t been as impressed with him as a lot of other people have. Sorry, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to express my opinions on this board without getting crucified.


  • MiamiFCforever

    I have become a chicharito fan. the kid is awesome and i have always disliked mexico but cant help to root for him. just wish the u.s had a chicharito


  • balle

    I once met a woman…said she wasn’t impressed with Mozart…

    Anyone who starts a post referring to Javier Hernandez by stating ‘I’ve never really been impressed’ when referring to a kid 99% of the world hadn’t heard about and who just one year ago was playing for a so so Chivas Guadalajara side in Mexico is setting himself up for ridicule, PERIOD!


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