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Manchester United 2, Chelsea 1: The Highlights

  • Illegal Alien

    Just another reason why Chicharito is a million times better than Dempsey.


  • Frank

    Not really. Different type of players and play different positions. Probably double the value though based on his age and output this season and level of club.


  • Hush

    To be fair, this is Chicharitos first goal against a giant. Also, most of his goals come from a great players putting the ball on his feet for him to walk it in. Your acting as if he is hitting headers and shooting from 20+ yards out, come on now. The guy has a good vision on where to spot himself, there is no denying that. But to say he is better than Dempsey I will have to say not for now.

    Also Dempsey switches positions very often for his club and USMNT.


  • carlos

    chicharito has a tremendous gift of positioning himself at the right place, at the right time, it’s uncanny. im scared for our usmnt when we face them, but it takes impressive skill and intelligence to position himself, not many strikers in the world can do that id say he is better than dempsey, unfortunately


  • A. Ruiz

    People criticise that chicharito just has easy tap ins and is lucky and etc.People said the same thing of Gerd Muller (specifically Cruyff), but guess what…scoring is what wins games, cups and golden boots. If you can do that, you can play anywhere.

    Plus, he places himself into those chances, it’s as important as skill as positioning is to a goalie. A goalie isn’t “lucky” if he closes down an angle, forces the forward to rush his shot and the ball hits of his outstretched foot.
    Just as Chicharito isn’t lucky if he beats his defender, anticipates the ball, times the run and hit’s it where the keeper aint and within the bounds of the net. That’s not luck, that’s skill. Especially when you do it 20 times in a season and in the world cup.
    It’s not easy, he just makes it look easy, anyone who has attempted to play even one game of soccer knows that.


  • Soccernste

    I wish it was a yankee striker finding success at Man U, but let’s not take anything away from Chicharito. He’s a lethal edge an the front of the experience united attack. Thankfully, Mexico is not the swordsman that United is. Wicked sharp he may be, but reliant on others to enable him to do the cutting. That is the chief difference to me between he and dempsey. The two would compliment each other well on the same team.


  • bizzy

    Chicharito is a clutch player, bring him in and he changes the game. To blend in with a very technical Man U offense, you have to be an very good player. When he’s in, he effectively anticipates and sometimes coordinates goals/passes on an elite team. To be part of the elite you have to be elite. Dempsey is one of the best players we have but comparing him to chicharito is far fetched. Everybody on the USMNT is average or slightly above, to have Man U go after you and making you an integral part of the offense that says a lot. We as a nation don’t have that type of player yet.


  • Dave

    Alien is a troll, this debate was had last week on these same boards. He’s just stirring the pot.

    That said, Chich had a great match and ManU continues to show that they are simply mentally stronger than anyone else in the EPL.

    Anelka should be benched for his marking on that first goal, that was schoolboy.


  • Ja Ja James

    This kinda kills me to write this, but the more I see Chicharito play, the more I like him. It’s not necessarily the skill (which he has plenty of), but more how he plays the position with smart runs and fantastic positioning combined with an infectious attitude. How can you not like that?


  • wally

    Yes. his great skill is his movement and uncanny ability to lose defenders while off the ball. The phrase “tap-in” implies he was just sitting there waiting for it while the defenders sip tea.


  • Dave

    Not really, just a troll. No one is debating that Chich is a great player, but there’s simply no value to your conclusory and ignorant comment, other than to incite people…which is exactly what a troll does.
    Congrats on your numerous stats.


  • Alejandro

    I like Hernandez and Dempsey both. Don’t use them as tools in your ridiculous rhetoric. I think I speak for a few of us when I say the “hating” is getting real old. This is soccer. Keep your politics out of it.


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