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The new 2011/2012 English Premier League season is set to kick off this morning at 10am, but there's still time to take part in SBI's new Fantasy EPL League.

Apologies for the late set-up, but we were able to complete the construction of the league, which will be running on the FoxSoccer.com website (listed under games). Go to the website and search for the Soccer By Ives League. The password to join the league is SBI.

Will you be joining the league?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Chris

    Why not premierleague.com? I’m not sure how many people bother with foxsoccer for BPL fantasy because premierleague.com is run so well, over 2 million participants every year will tell you that much. Very strange and a little disappointing too.


  • Brit in Houston

    Where is Ives’ team? Did he assume a pseudonym to preempt any flack he might get by having to select a favorite team?

    (SBI-I’m SBI United, and my favorite team is listed as Arsenal. It isn’t really Arsenal, that was just the default.)


  • MemphisRogues

    hah hah. it’s on fox now? No Way. I’ll stick to Barclay’s PL. And of course the picture of Man U winning one title for only one league in the world just makes me , well, decide to turn off. GO EPL! (and whoever else. hear my sarcasm.)


  • MemphisRogues

    p.s. if you’regoig to show “the best”,show BARCA. Yeah yeah I know, it’s EPL Fantasy. But it’s all part of my RockN Roll fantasy, right?

    p.s.s. Who beat ManU and Barca?



  • Jim

    Thanks for the late great notice. Do you really want people to compete when you do this at the last minute through a 2nd rate platform? Why not use the actual Barclays EPL site???


  • canchon

    And what is funny, if you don’t select a favorite team it automatically defaults your favorite team to Arsenal. I will now shoot myself in the foot to become a Gunners fan.


  • This Guy

    Ives works for FoxSoccer.com that’s why he’s supporting their fantasy league. You have to support your employer, and I see nothing wrong with it.
    Quit complaining and join or not.


  • ManicMessiah

    Fantasy Football is like New Year’s resolutions for me. I joined, but I imagine by week 5 I’ll be forgetting again. Still remember a couple of years ago when John Arne Riise got transfered to Roma and I had him on my fantasy team all year.


  • Matt in Japan

    Yeah Ives, I guess you might as well not bother if this is how you are going to do it. What? Am I suppose to create a fantasy team on a new website with new rules two hours before the premier league starts? I like fantasy, but seriously. Just don’t bother if its just going to be a give away to some random other company that few people are using? Fair enough if there was more notice, but last minute?


  • LOL FoxSoccer

    He works for foxsoccer.com but also has his own website and could have easily just used the official fantasy game like previous years. I’ll be playing the official Fantasy Premier League game, as it seems many others are doing as well.


  • BrianK


    Agree,…but note that Ives works for FOX. How would it look if he was taking his 500-600 readers to the competition?

    BTW – the new premierleague.com LOOKS good,…but isn’t working very well. Have not been able to check my points all day.

    Powered by EA Sports,….apparently not!


  • eric

    i was pissed i couldn”t check my points right away too, but was able to in the evening.


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