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Who should Klinsmann call up for September friendlies?

  JuergenKlinsmann1 (ISIPhotos.com)

The U.S. men's national team returns to action in ten days with a pair of international friendlies, meaning Jurgen Klinsmann will soon be calling his first full camp since taking over as national team manager.

Klinsmann stated after the recent 1-1 draw with Mexico that he would call in the best squad possible, all hands on deck, meaning no healthy top players left behind and no MLS standouts left with their clubs. In other words, the team that converges on Carson, California for a one-week training camp before friendlies against Costa Rica and Belgium will be as good a group as the United States can put together.

A look at the pool reveals that Klinsmann will have some tough decisions to make on who to call in, even if he goes with a larger than normal group. While forward remains an area where there are few established options, the defensive call-ups could bring some new names to the mix. The midfield is where Klinsmann is going to have to do some serious trimming as he boasts a plethora of options, both with veterans and a host of young prospects.

Here is a projected 26-man roster that we think could resemble the group Klinsmann calls in for next week's camp: 

Projected USMNT Camp Roster for September Friendlies

GK– Tim Howard, David Yelldell, Brad Guzan

D– Carlos Bocanegra, Clarence Goodson, Steve Cherundolo, Timmy Chandler, Eric Lichaj, Michael Orozco, Edgar Castillo, Zak Whitbread, George John

M- Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley, Jose Torres, Alejandro Bedoya, Brek Shea, Kyle Beckerman, DaMarcus Beasley, Robbie Rogers

F- Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Juan Agudelo 


This was one of the tougher rosters to put together that I can remember. The list of players who could have made this squad but didn't is a long one. Here are just some of the missing names to consider:

Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Johnson, Oguchi Onyewu, Omar Gonzalez, Tim Ream, Heath Pearce, Drew Moor, Sean Franklin, Fabian Johnson, Josh Gatt, Sacha Kljestan, Benny Feilhaber, Brad Davis, Chris Pontius, Joe Corona, Freddy Adu, Mikkel Diskerud, Edson Buddle, Teal Bunbury.


Klinsmann can go in any number of directions. He could choose to leave Jones and Bradley in Germany as they sort out their club situations. He could choose to wait on calling George John as his completes his Blackburn move. He could choose to call in Diskerud, Fabian Johnson and Corona to start the process of getting them cap tied (which the September friendlies can't do). Then there is a promising young talent like Josh Gatt, who is enjoying a stellar run in Europe, or MLS rookie of the year frontrunner C.J. Sapong, who could bring some youthful energy and strength to the forward pool, but who may still be a January camp option.

One of the big issues with trying to read which direction Klinsmann might go is that he's so positive when talking about all his players, even ones who looked to have struggled. Edgar Castillo struggled badly vs. Mexico but Klinsmann praised him. Edson Buddle wasn't particularly effective but Klinsmann raved about his effort.

We'll find out for sure just who Klinsmann really liked against Mexico, and who else he truly has his eye on when he announces his September friendlies squad.

What do you think of the squad? Who is missing that you would like to see added to the list? Who is on the squad that you are surprised to see included?

Share your thoughts below.

  • biff

    What did Castillo do that was so awful against Mexico? Castillo was under massive pressure without let-up the full first half and played solid defense. No one beat him for a goal ala Bornstein. He did have some bad passes, but so did several other players during the first half. If I remember correctly, Castillo was not the one who allowed Peralta to score Mexico’s one and only goal. Can’t remember who was guarding Peralta and got beat? But it wasn’t Castillo.


  • Eric

    Yup. Definitely what everyone in the Dutch league is saying right now. I mean, it’s not like he’s scored a single goal there so far in this early season… wait…


  • Dorito_420

    Whoa there. I can tell you that Ponce won’t be playing for USA. He wouldn’t risk getting sold by Chivas for playing for the “Gringos”.


  • TomG

    I’ve never loved McInerny. He’s always seemed more of a Twellman/ Rolfe type. He’s smallish but not super fast or athletic. His skills are decent but nothing special. He’s mainly a nose for the goal type of player – nothing wrong with that, but I don’t see it translating to international play. Agudelo is younger, bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled, and more creative. His work rate is also just as good as Mac’s. I wouldn’t give up on him, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to get him into camp over more accomplished players, either.


  • rlw2020

    parky is a great player, but he has had is opportunities with the national team.. id pick a handful of MLS CBs over him..


  • Kyle

    I would love to the wingers in a 4-4-2 be Brek Shea on the left and Jogh Gatt on the Right. Altidore + Dempsey should be playing higher up and Jermaine Jones should not start. Bradley in the middle with one of Edu, Bedoya, or Torres. Backline from R-L of Chandler, Goodson, Bocanegra, Convey.


  • GW


    Name me one US player who is qualified to be considered in Reyna’s class.

    Name me one US player who is a regular for a team that is a Champions league contender. Because the teams we will eventually have to beat mostly have lots of players who meet that criteria.

    “We are deep with second level talent and we should be able to attain a consistent 10th to 15th ranking.”

    That gets you to right about where Bradley took the US, if you consider that the US made it to the final 16 of the 2010 World Cup. I consider that a better indication than FIFA rankngs.


  • GW

    If Mix’s place withthe US is being threatened, and I don’t think it is, it’s becuase no one really expected Adu to be back at this point.

    I happen to prefer Mix but right now those two play the same position.


  • GW

    Holden hasn’t played for Bolton yet and may not be back until October if then. Coyle will not rush him and he should not.

    Knee injuries should be taken seriously.

    USMNT fans should know that better than anyone after watching Gooch try to play too soon in the World Cup.


  • Angel FAN of USA

    don’t forget Joseph Gyau, Sebastian Lletget,Gale Agboss. Doyle Conor, Perry Kitchen, Bobby Wood, Sean Cunningham, Mike Grella,Jerome Kiesewetter and many more.


  • Angel FAN of USA

    All I’m want to say is that Klismann should start playing an under 23 and get ready for the Olympics. We already know what about the veteran can do. We need to find new replacement for Landon, Dempsey, Howard, Ouguchi and so for. We need to set the U20 from the U20 world cup roster and fixed a bit with some new player and add a bit of veteran like Adu, Altidore, Bradley, Holden, Bedoya, Torres this all around 25 and under. This is the Future. Let’s not all depend too much on Dempsey and Landon. Please Klismann try our new kids, our youth by the way Joseph Gyau is way way better then Agudelo. So come on.


  • RSLin208

    What I’d like to see:

    G: Howard, Westberg.

    D: John, Whitbread, Boca, Dolo, F. Johnson, Lichaj, Chandler, Goodsen, Orozco.

    M: Bradley, Donovan, Shea, A. Morales, Gatt, Edu, Torres, Jones, Bedoya.

    F: Dempsey, Jozy, Findley.


  • Hush

    I’ve been saying the same damn thing. I’m not sure what game folks were watching if they thought Castillo was awful. The kid had a few bad passes, then again, our players were not doing a great job creating space. Xbox live has the game on there if people want to go back and anylized the game for a second time. I watched it 4 times, Castillo was far from being bad. Barrera was on lockdown on the left side for most part. It was Bradley and Boca who allowed Mexico’s only goal. Castillo was left with two defenders to cover.


  • RSLin208

    If it’s an all Euro roster, sub Mix, Kljestan, Wood, and Ogunbiyi for Landon, Orozco, JFT, and Shea.


  • Alexandria

    Personally I think long camps are places to get to know players, these two quick turn around games aren’t to get to know players they are to finalize the things you’ve already learned. So I think the amount of new blood will be limited. The only difference is the guys who were hurt for the last friendly will be available. Most of the younger guys won’t be ready this year and the Scandinavian guys can come to the January camps so I see this as an already in the pool game.


  • Hush

    Morales, Mix, Fabian, Gatt, and John should be the new additions.

    Folks can forget about Corona, that kid is leaning towards Mexico. I had no confidence in him ever considering playing for us. Althought his H.S coach did say who ever called in Corona first, that is who he would play for. I’m not to dissappinted, the kid is solid, but we have better coming up the youth ranks. No biggie mi gente!


  • julio

    Wow Ives,

    Did you just really write in here, Hercules??? Beckerman??? Ok first Hercules has never done anything on Senior level to meritt another look, the guy was a scrub in Copa America when he was a regular, he did not do anything in the WC, either in practice to earn a starting spot consistently. Just because he has a decent game in Mexico with his club you want to suggest him, WTH?!?!?!

    Beckerman, ok the guy hustled his tail, but same thing with him and the Copa America experiment back in 09. This is another guy that should never sniff the USMNT team again, there is a reason he is still in the MLS has not been offered a contract abroad. We have much better options in our youth pool then these guys.


  • ec

    Definitely like to see Fabian Johnson in camp and make a run at him committing to Team USA. Also would rather see Omar Gonzalez than Orozco.


  • richd3668

    Is no one upset that the sample roster leaves Freddy Adu off.

    It seems strange to leave off the player who started the plays that netted the US its last three goals in the Gold Cup. Have Beckerman, Rogers,Bedoya or Torres had anywhere as much affect on two games in a row in a non friendly game.

    The answer by the way is no. In the last two games of the Gold Cup Freddy created many opportunities. When he put his hand up on the wing and called for the ball his team mates were happy to pass it to him because they respected his ability. Without him we don’t get the last goal in the semi final and neither of the goals we scored against Mexico.

    No one else can bring to the table the play making skills he has. He will never be a great scorer but he will be the straw that stirs the drink.

    (SBI-It’s pretty simple. He just joined Philly two weeks ago, and is still working his way back to match fitness. I don’t see Klinsmann calling him in if he’s not fit. You can argue that Michael Bradley isn’t match fit either, but Bradley’s fitness is among the strongest in the entire pool, so it’s not as much of an issue. That said, Bradley could be left home as well. Just stop concocting a slight against Freddy Adu because he wasn’t on this roster. I rate Adu highly, but right now he’s not fit. He’ll get plenty of chances down the road.)


  • jorge

    Why isnt freddy adu on ur top list considering he played tremendously good in the 2 last games of the gold cup..

    (SBI-He’s still working his way back to full match fitness, so it would seem unlikely he’d get called up, but it’s not impossible that he gets called.)


  • Colin

    You are correct. Freddy Adu and Clint Dempsey are the best US players by some distance. Remember Ives values club playing time over skill. He called for Michael Bradley not to play because he was between teams, but Michael Bradley is clearly the best holding midfielder on the US. Freddy Adu is a very good soccer player. There is no way Klinsmann won’t call him. Klinsmann set up Adu’s club deal, so that Freddy could get a club and start playing a lot and get his career moving again. Klinsmann clearly likes him. Freddy Adu torched Marcelo in 2007 in the U-20 World Cup

    (SBI-Is this a serious comment? This is about the most irrational and fictitious comment I’ve seen in a while. Klinsmann set up Adu’s club deal? As I said above, Adu’s still working his way back to fitness. This squad I picked isn’t MY SQUAD, it’s the squad I think Klinsmann calls in. It’s a tough one to pick because there are some many options.)


  • Colin

    Would love to see this:


    Gatt/Cherundolo John Cameron Lichaj/Wallace

    Donovan/Shea Bradley Feilhaber Dempsey

    Agudelo Adu

    Subs: Shea, Bunbury, Rogers

    Much better if it was this:

    Júlio César

    Maicón Lúcio Thiago Silva Bastos

    David Luiz

    Robinho Ganso Ronaldinho

    Neymar Pato


  • RangerSG

    That’s not a bad list. But I don’t think Davies is sharp enough to merit a place right now. And I think Beckerman is more likely to be in and Mix out. Don’t think Klestjan even merits alternate status right now, either.

    I’d probably drop Bunberry and Buddle to alternate and perhaps add Pontius to the list, based on current form.


  • marco

    I would have liked Klinsmann to half two rosters, domestic an Europe with a couple key players in both matches. But I guess there’s not sufficient time between games.


  • ACS

    Then you might as well put in Alfredo Morales and Daniel Williams both make the 18 every week and one has gotten a couple of starts.


  • Two Cents

    Oh for sure, I’m not saying there aren’t another 20 guys that we could call in, just trying to create a relatively solid list based on age, caps, talent, club, playing time, and fitness. An example being, I’m not trying to put our entire u20 roster on the senior team unless it’s likely they will be ready for the near future. Some will be there in a few years for certain, but aren’t quite ready. Also, there just isn’t enough room on a 26-man roster, so even legitimate choices can’t make the squad this time around.

    In reply to RangersSG, you make some good points, but I really think Mix has a bright future, and is playing full minutes for 2nd place team. He’s even being monitored by Manchester United. I’m a fan, I’m sure not everyone is, but I think he certainly deserves a shot right now. Klestjan is always a tough one, but he has been playing regularly for Anderlecht, so that helps his chances at being called up. Beckerman played well last friendly, but I’m not sold on him personally. As for Klinsmann’s thoughts, he may love him. I have no qualms with Beckerman, I just think we have better in his position. Just my opinion. Bunberry and Buddle were added because I think they have good shots at playing with the USMNT for a while, whereas Pontius I’m not so sure. Certainly he’s been playing well, and may become a very useful player for the USMNT, but I just don’t see him in the future, whereas Bunberry is young and has a lot of raw talent that I think Klinsmann can work with. Again, just my opinion, but who knows who’ll end up being our true starting 11 come WC2014.


  • dan

    Wasn’t it confirmed that Spector was one of the players whom Klinsmann phoned right after taking the job? Yes, he’s not getting many minutes for Birmingham (a recent start notwithstanding), but I would think he’d be in the mix.


  • Danny

    Klinnsman needs to get Corona and Gatt in a USMNT jersey asap. Also, I can’t believe Geoff Cameron of the Dynamo isn’t getting any play. He’s probably the best defensive midfielder in the US system right now, and he could probably be utilized as a central defender with great passing abilities.


  • Nack

    Hey Ives,
    Is there any way we could get email notifications when someone replies to our comment on the message board? It’d be really helpful and make the message boards easier to have back and forths on.


  • gigi

    So…people do realize this is not the official roster and just a shot in the dark. The people getting angry over this are the same people you see at mcdonalds complaining cuz there coffee is too hot.


  • biff

    Yes, Klinis is a wild beast. Don’t you love it? A news article out of Scotland says Klinsmann is going to be in Glasgow Thursday evening to watch Rangers play Maribor in Europa League competition. Pressure will be on Edu and Bedoya to perform to earn spots on the next USMNT roster. I wonder if Klinsmann has visited other potential players on this European trip…Anyone hear any news?

    An easy solution for all the talk a about congestion in the midfield. Why not leave MB and Jones off the roster? MB looked bad against Mexico, the team came alive when he was subbed off. Plus he has not played a club match since February. Jones also has not been getting much playing time at Schalke. They both need to start playing at the club level before any new USMNT call-ups.


  • biff

    Another way to make it easier would be to add a button to list postings in chronological order. That would make it possible to toggle back and forth. Should not be too hard for the Webmaster to add that function


  • USSFdon'tthread

    Here’s a name for GK: Diego Restrepo… Hear me out: he just won the starting job at America de Cali (HUUUUGE South American Club) so he’s actually playing, not sitting on a bench (unlike Yeldell, Guzan, Cervi) + gotta cap tie him since there’s rumblings that Colombia and definitely Venezuela want to bring him in.


  • biff

    Update on my original post: It seems the newspaper item I saw earlier was based on a press release issued on the Rangers web site, claiming that Klinsmann is “set to name all three players (Boca, Edu, Bedoya) in his squad for the forthcoming friendlies…” The press release says that Klinsmann intends to visit Glasgow to see a match, but does not say it is going to be the match tonight. Here is a link to the item:

    Yanks A Lot!



  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    Ineffective? It was Gomez’ run which freed the space for Bradley’s goal against Slovenia, without that run Bradley does not get his shot off.

    We can fairly say Gomez did not score at the WC, but I don’t think ineffective is a fair assessment of his role.


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