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Angel keeps scoring as Chivas USA downs TFC

AngelCelebrates (ISIPhotos.com)


CARSON, Calif. — It wasn't too long ago that Juan Pablo Angel looked more ready to retire than to start scoring goals again, but the Chivas USA striker has enjoyed a renaissance in recent weeks that has him looking like the Angel of old.

Angel scored two goals on Saturday night, giving him five goals in his past three matches, to help Chivas USA knock off Toronto FC, 3-0.

Angel converted an Ante Jazic pass for a score in the 12th minute, then finished the match off in the 76th minute on a Ben Zemanski assist.

“Getting a goal early was good for our confidence and from there we were pretty solid, we had a few ups and down during the games, but credit to this team,” said Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser.”

While the Chivas USA defense has struggled in recent weeks without injured defensive leader Heath Pearce, the offense has picked up the pace since the arrival of Angel from Los Angeles. Since arriving at Chivas USA, Angel has scored six goals in six matches, giving him nine total goals on the season. 

“It’s been very enjoyable,” said Angel. “I am finding my game again, I wish we were in a better position in the standings, but I’m enjoying what’s happening so far.”

Justin Braun also shared the glory with the Columbian by scoring his goal in the 71st minute.

“It’s nice to get a goal, and the confidence is good right now,” Braun said. “Anytime you score, it increases it so hopefully I can go on that and close the season on a high note.”

Toronto was playing on their back foot the whole night. They could not muster anything, barely even getting a shot out. The defense was stuffing any attempt by the visitors. Truly, the Goats were in rare form.

Unfortunately, the Chivas currently have 35 points in the standings and are four points behind New York. Their last three opponents are Seattle, Philadelphia, and the Galaxy. This new found energy came in a little too late.

“It’s the end of the year, but you never know what’s going to happen,” said Angel. “But it’s a bit late for us in the year. The only thing we can do is control ourselves in what we do on the field and give it the best try we can till the end of the year.”

  • Yogi

    I for one am a big JPA fan. I was really bummed he just couldn’t put it together for the Galaxy. While I’m no Chivas fan, I’m do root for him and hope he continues to do well.


  • ELAC

    Attitude. That’s the true measure of JPA’s success. He came to the Goats with a chance to try and help us out. He had baggage, but because he failed to fit in Bruce Arenas scheme.
    Most players that have success playing for the goats come in with an open minded attitude. Those who don’t, do not last.
    JPA has been.nothing but class since he moved to down the hall. Makes me wonder about the LA derby in a few.weeks. We’ll see how much disdain he has for the team that discarded him.
    6 goals in 6 games. Hmmmmm……


  • Posty

    As a Galaxy fan, I wish they got rid of Cristman, Barrett, or even the awful Birchall instead of JPA. A Keane/Angel combo would have really helped in CCL and in MLS.


  • Mase NJRB

    We should give the Goats Marquez while we’re at it, the only team i could possibly see taking him off our hands


  • Chris

    I could almost see this happening, but I don’t think it have the same affect on him that it did on Angel. JPA is all class and Marquez is a bit of a prima donna. Who knows I could be wrong, I’d honestly love to be proven wrong, as an in-form Marquez would do wonders for the Goats backline.


  • Turd Ferguson

    I feel the same way, but LA unloaded him to stay within the 3 DP rule, and because he wasn’t scoring for LA. Don’t forget that little detail. He’s playing brilliantly now for the Goats, and more power to him, but he was wasting roster space for LA.


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