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FC Dallas deals Chavez to San Jose for allocation

MarvinChavez (Getty)

FC Dallas traded Honduran winger Marvin Chavez to the San Jose Earthquakes on Friday, securing an allocation in the process.

The deal sent Chavez, who enjoyed a standout season in Dallas, to San Jose, where he should slot right in as the team's starting right winger.

Chavez delivered six goals and four assists for FC Dallas, providing a perfect complement on the right wing to Brek Shea's forays from the left flank. Chavez's speed and finishing ability made him a constant threat.

“Marvin was always an outstanding player and we certainly will miss him, but this move allows us to better balance our team,” FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman said in a statement released by the club. “We are losing a solid player, but it’s for the overall benefit of the team. We can strengthen our team in both our back line as well as up front where we really missed having that player who could finish the plays we generated up front last season.”

Dallas is reportedly preparing to lineup some major moves in the off-season, and the allocation money secured by trading Chavez will be put toward those acquisitions.

What do you think of this development? Surprised to see Dallas part with Chavez? Think he can help San Jose return to the playoffs?

Share your thoughts below.

  • CSD

    I have my doubts that Dallas is lining up any big moves that will be exciting to anyone outside of their PR guy. They could have went out and got a striker and not dropped one of their best players.


  • CRR

    As an FC Dallas fan, I’m getting tired of this. Heath Pearce, Dax McCarty, and now Chavez? This is why we can’t have nice things, because we sell them. I also have no faith in these “big plans” we have. The only “big player” news we’ve had since all of those names left was when we resigned Brek, and FCD PR tried to hide it for a big unveiling, treating it like we signed Ronaldo. It’s hard to watch LA and NYRB buy big name after big name while we sell anything that smells like success. Don’t even get me started about trading away young talent.


  • Neuwerld

    As a San Jose fan…YES! Chavez is the exact sort of player I’ve wanted to see in SJ for a while.


  • Rees

    Yeah…. this is really bad for Dallas. We’ve basically played without a striker for the last two years, so our wings were our attack. Brek has been amazing, but having Chavez on the opposite side has really forced teams to stay honest on defense. When Chavez played up top, he worked his butt off, even if he didn’t really know what he was doing. We will miss this guy a lot next season. Nice work by San Jose to Acquire him.


  • MensreaJim

    +100000 allocation not getting spent on anyone we’ve heard of.

    I’m not drinking it anymore. We gave away the team last year and are doing it again. Brek and Daveeeed have to carry everything, which is disconcerting considering their respective situations and the reality that it got us nowhere last year with no depth and a fantastic GK.


  • Neruda

    Whoever Dallas going to bring in better be great. Chavez was constantly dangerous for Dallas. Can Dallas pull off a big DP signing with their low attendance and city that doesn’t seem to care too much about the team?


  • j

    not that bad though. jackson or castillo can slot into that rm position and have the same production as chavez. chavez was great for the team, but getting the money to bring in a full time solid striker can really help the team.


  • boosted335

    Rebuilding year? Maybe they’re banking on losing John and need money for a star CB and Striker


  • MC Pharaoh

    These moves were done under Gorman & he was just sacked as technical director. Furthermore u cant compare chavez to mccarty. Mccarty was stupid. He had a great season & they got rid of him w lil depth 2 replace him. With this move, Jackson will start right mid & they have money to get a good striker.


  • Sjquakes408

    You got that right brotha!!!!! I’m hella stoked, and can’t wait to see Chavez in QUAKESLAND!!! Thank you Dallas and good night!!!!


  • MC Pharaoh

    +1… Remember also people, the sacking of Gorman, the technical director, means we wont see another stupid addition like Santos. They are truly tryin to bring in quality striker


  • Cylo

    Good point about Jackson playing RW. I forgot about him. Not to mention Castillo who will play probably Forward or wing depending on the formation. They better bring in a good striker. If not this move fails all across.


  • TonyT

    “Quality Striker” …that’s something I’ve been hoping for the past few season, someone that’s going to finish more times than not. Hate to see Chavez go, but I agree with coach…… “we really missed having that player who could finish the plays we generated up front last season”.


  • TonyT

    There are a lot of fans that care about FC Dallas … “low attendance”…I agree!
    You can blame the people who market/manage the team and whom ever decided to build the stadium out in a city that is just beginning to grow.
    It’s sad to see that they didn’t think about how lower income families would make it out to the game, “no public transportation”, Gas prices are “HIGH”, and “Toll Road prices keep going up”, so what was their idea behind the new stadium in “Frisco”???? Was it to keep out the people that can’t afford to attend a game to a minimum, and raise the attendance for financially stable families???…I’m mind boggled!
    I’ll tell you one thing, there are THOUSANDS of “Dallas” NOT ” Frisco” families that are soccer fanatics, but its VERY VERY SAD that they can’t afford to make it out and support their FC Dallas team!
    This is not Rocket Science.. if Dallas would cater to low income families… I guarantee you would see the attendance more than double, but at this point this would take time.. Dallas seems to have turned their back to the so called “common people” so it would take time to build that trust… and I live in the heart of Dallas and I still haven’t seen them(Dallas Management) do much if not anything to reach out to the hearts of the people who can only afford to look from outside the “fence”.


  • peet

    TonyT. If low income families that are worried about having enough money to attend soccer matches, well then, they aren’t low income families. They’ve simply chosen not to spend money on soccer because they don’t want to drive 30 miles.

    If they hadn’t of built the stadium in Frisco, Dallas would not have a MLS team. It was the only option on the table at the time. That is an established fact, indisputable and everyone just needs to quit acting like there was an option to build the stadium in their personal backyard. There wasn’t.

    There are 3 million people living within a 30 minute radius of the stadium and the fastest growing counties in the USA. If FCD can’t get 1% of 1% of that group to attend matches each week, then they can’t do it in downtown Dallas either.


  • peet

    Let me prove the point that a stadium downtown means nothing in terms of promised attendance: The Dallas Stars.

    Did You Know: Pizza Hut Park from downtown Dallas – 28 miles… Cowboys Stadium and The Ballpark – 22 miles.

    It’s the product on the field and how it is marketed.

    FC Dallas is sitting smack-dab in the middle of a population explosion, and for those of you who live near downtown or inside 635 (the loop around Dallas proper) who won’t drive to Frisco – then you are no better – maybe even worse – as those that wouldn’t drive from Frisco/Plano/McKinney to attend Burn matches at the Cotton Bowl.

    If you love soccer, put up or shut up. Distance isn’t an excuse.


  • TonyT

    Intriguing analysis… until the last part of the comment…haha!, I’m sure that was just your passion at work. Regardless, good stuff!


  • Tim

    No one said anything about downtown. And Arlington, despite being distant from downtown Dallas, is halfway to Ft. Worth. It’s unarguably a much better location for all of the metroplex. Frisco blows, always will and until FCD moves, they will never be taken seriously. Everything suburb SCREAMS minor league. Yeah it saved FCD’s existence, but at the cost of 20 years of mediocrity, was it worth it?


  • peet

    Actually TonyT claims to be from “the heart of Dallas”, so its safe to assume that would be downtown.

    So, am I to assume that you wanted the stadium to be in Arlington? Where was their offer to put the stadium there? It’s 42 miles from Cowboys Stadium to Pizza Hut Park, wow, that’s brutal.. waaaah.

    Where should the stadium should have been built? Where is the “best” location?

    See, I can make logical pro/con arguments on ANY location. There is no “BEST” place simply because the DFW area is one of the largest, most vast expanses of metroplex living in the US.

    Again, if you really love soccer and really want to support the local team – make the drive. Distance is not an excuse, its a personal choice. If driving from Arlington to Frisco once every 10-14 days over the course of a season is why you don’t support the team – then you’re exactly the problem FCD has and probably can never fix.


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