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Tuesday Kickoff: Tevez to PSG called off, Pepe escapes punishment and more

Tevez reuters

And so the roulette wheel continues to spin.

Paris St.-Germain have pulled out of talks with Manchester City to sign striker Carlos Tevez. The Ligue 1 leaders were considered the front-runners after talks with AC Milan broke down last week. PSG's sporting director Leonardo and new manager Carlo Ancelotti met with Tevez's advisers but couldn't come to terms.

"There was an opportunity, we have studied it, we made a good offer but failed to agree a deal," Leonardo told L'Equipe. "We will not pay excessively so we stop. It's over."

PSG sets their sights on trying to agree to terms with Chelsea defender Alex. The Brazilian international had his transfer request accepted by Chelsea but time is running out in the January window.

AC Milan is reportedly back in the mix for Carlos Tevez despite having recently signed Maxi Lopez from Catania.

Here are some more stories to kick off your Tuesday


Real Madrid defender Pepe will not face punishment for an alleged stamp on Lionel Messi during Barcelona's 2-1 win over Madrid in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals. The Spanish Football Federation accepted Pepe's claim that stepping on Messi's hand while the World Player of the Year lay on the ground was accidental.

Pepe was left out of Saturday's game against Athletic Bilbao but could play against Barcelona tomorrow.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter has hinted that UEFA chief Michel Platini is his most likely replacement once the 75-year-old steps down in 2015.

"Michel is ready, if he wishes," Blatter said "He says 'I do not know' but deep down he wants it." Platini has not said whether or not he will stand as Blatter's replacement. The Juventus legend is firmly against the implementation of video technology and is the architect of the upcoming "financial fair play" rules for the Champions League.

Blatter also dismissed Jack Warner's claims that a "tsunami" of revelations would be released about the alleged corruption of FIFA.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been voted the 2011 Player of the Year by his fellow Serie A players. The striker led AC Milan to their first Serie A title since 2004 and into the second round of this season's Champions League. Udinese was voted club of the year while AC Milan coach Massimilliano Allegri won coach of the year.


The tax evasion trial against Harry Redknapp opened on Monday with the British government accusing the Tottenham manager of hiding a secret bank account off shore. Prosecutor John Black said $295,000 was transferred from Portsmouth, where Redknapp was manager at the time, to a Monaco bank account. The account was allegedly used to store transfer bonuses.


What do you think of today's stories? Tired of all the Tevez drama? Did Pepe deserve to be punished? Think Platini, if elected, make a good FIFA president?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jonathan S

    Tevez is a spoiled brat. I know its news but im getting tired of seeing his face on here. He is an amazing player but at the same time he is completely unprofessional. Bashing the city he plays in, refusing to go in as a sub, and the list goes on. Sorry for the rant but there are so many player who would kill just to have a chance to play professionally, while this guy is sitting on his butt because he is a drama queen.


  • Ritt Momney

    Should be the “Tuesday Football Gossip” section.

    I didn’t know it wasn’t ok to try to not pay taxes by using off shore bank accounts…


  • Brad

    apparently in england it is…

    ps, that’s why Mitt is only releasing 2 years worth, when he could get his money in order when he knew he was running for president…


  • Brad

    How does Balotelli get banned 4 games and Pepe gets off? I thought Pepe’s was much more obvious and blatant.


  • dan

    it’s really surprising that mitt didn’t closed those offshore accounts earlier since he’s been running for president for the last six or seven years. what a dummy. i guess even a 13.9% tax rate was just too high.

    also, there’s another classico this weekend??


  • Matt S

    So whats the stopping point for Tevez moving on? Is Man City looking for too high a transfer fee or is Tevez looking for wages that are too inflated?

    I think Man City should do all that they can to get his wages off the books and gets some money in for a transfer.


  • Eurosnob

    Balotelli and Pepe play in different leagues so different people decided on their punishment. Having said that, I agree with you that Pepe should have been punished.


  • wides

    I’m a Madrid fan … and I was HOPING he’d get at least a 5 game ban. There’s NO place in the game for this crap.

    The RFEF just ensured he’ll continue his ridiculous and dangerous ways for awhile longer. Way to send a message.


  • Michael Vann

    Does Tevez even want to play football? I ask because if he truly did he’d come off his high horse; sign somewhere and be on the field already. Players have a right to get the deal that best suits them but there’s a point when they cross the line and become outrageously demanding and not worth the trouble. Tevez has hit that point.


  • Air Jordanz

    And don’t forget Jones’ EIGHT match ban, all competitions.

    Furthermore, you’re more likely to do permanent damage to a hand with a stomp than a foot.


  • bryan

    this Tevez saga needs to stop! both City and Tevez are being ridiculous!!!

    i can’t believe Pepe isn’t getting punished. and i’m a madrid fan. he’ll start tomorrow, guaranteed. i just hope it’s at CB and Ramos goes to RB, Marcelo comes in at LB and Ozil is inserted into the midfield.


  • OC

    As good as he is, I still feel like Ibra is underrated to the average well-versed soccer fan. “Keep winning” fits him perfectly. Kudos.


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