U.S. Men's Olympic Team

Studio 90: Extra Time with Perry Kitchen

  • TheFrenchOne

    i feel like i’m watching a couple of college kids meeting at a bar, and it’s not going well for either one of them


  • elgringorico

    haha yeah man, these guys don’t know how to deal with that chick…it just makes for a pretty awkward encounter.


  • Giggsy

    is it just me or is Perry’s head way too small for his body? it is kind of freaky ….

    and the blonde chick is a big improvement over the other Studio 90 hosts … not that she’s a better host be she is much nice to look at …


  • Mike

    I watch all of these for Heather Soltis…not because the discussions are enlightening in any way. I guess that’s a win for ussoccer.com?


  • AnotherGuy!

    Her eyes bulge out of her sckets when she delivers the “you have a lot of experience…” line.


  • marco

    Heather throws Perry off with her shift in direction, from soccer to personal experiences. From there she keeps Kitchen off balance with quotes about him from other players. Game/set/and match Heather,6-0/6-0. She has that skill that’s not learned on a playing field.


  • Joe Creighton

    I think she does a fine job. Cut her some slack, it can’t be easy to interview all dudes being an attractive female. Overcoming being thought of for something other than a sex object is tough for a lot of intelligent, young professional woman. While I do think she is hot, she has a certain spark about her that will serve her well in the future.

    She is just trying to relate to the guys, not date them.


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