Match Highlights

Barcelona 4, Getafe 0: Match Highlights

  • kpugs

    And the number of f**ks given today has now risen to -4!

    Sorry Ives…it’s nothing personal. I’m so sick of these guys. I can’t really say that Spanish football has jump the shark but Europe-level football definitely has. It’s easy to be the best club on the planet when UEFA decides the matches before they’re played. Poor Milan.


  • Polo

    I’m sorry, but where were you when Barcelona wasn’t given two penalties in Milan?

    Poor Milan? 3 shots on goal over two matches poor?

    How about Milan didn’t play well enough to win? Oh? No? Doesn’t fit your bullsh*t?


  • Kevin_Amold

    Ok, so you are alleging that UEFA has determined that Barcelona shall win the champions league, so I understand that correctly? Do you have any evidence beside a penalty you find to be dubious?

    Milan got what they deserved in that game and so did Barca in my view.


  • hipvictor

    I LOVE the way that Barca players celebrate—every goal celebration began with the scorer pointing to the person who made the pass. That is why they are the best team, not UEFA. 😉


  • Boris

    I probably shouldn’t say this, but every time I see another lopsided score for Real or Barca, I think “La Liga is the new Scottish Premier League”. Barca is rangers, Real is Celtic? It never seems like any other team can get anywhere near their level.


  • HopNSkip

    To be fair, Barca and Real are probably head and shoulders the two best teams on the planet, and would dominate any domestic league in the world.

    I think it speaks volumes that 5 of the 8 remaining teams in the European semis hail from Spain. If you think La Liga is a joke you should ask Manchester United what they think about 11th place Athletic Bilbao.


  • kar

    Agreed — that will also be my favorite goal celebration and definitely seems to sum up Barca’s style.


  • hush

    Barca makes every Latin person in the new world smile!… now if only we can get our Castellano team Real Madrid to start winning La liga de Campeones.

    South Americans are on fire. If we can only have one our boys in Barca.


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