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Di Vaio weighing offer from Impact

Marcos Di Vaio (Getty Images)

Bologna striker Marco Di Vaio recently revealed that one option for the next destination in his career is the Montreal Impact, and the expansion MLS club has confirmed that.

The Impact held a conference call on Friday, and they said the team is in talks with Di Vaio over a potential deal that would bring him to the club at the end of the current Serie A season. Montreal sporting director Nick De Santis added that the Italian striker would be brought in for further discussions in late May.

"Di Vaio will finish the season with Bologna and will visit Montreal around May 25-30," said De Santi.

The news of Di Vaio visiting Montreal adds to the reports from earlier in the week that claimed the former Italy international had agreed to a deal in principle with the Impact, though the details of how he will join the club still need to be worked out since his current contract with Bologna runs through June 2013.

Di Vaio, who will turn 36 in July, has scored 10 goals in 34 league matches this season. He has 65 goals in 140 Serie A games since the fall of 2008, and has represented the Azzurri 14 times in his career while scoring twice.

What do you think of the Impact possibly signing Di Vaio? Think he would be a good addition to the team, league? Should the Impact look for a younger forward?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Gazza

    Fantastic for Montreal and MLS if he comes in the summer.

    Quality person, great player.


  • The Imperative Voice

    My two cents is Montreal better make the playoffs trying this because committing themselves to Corradi and diVaio for any length of time beyond this season is unwise at their ages. Personally I thought the half-season deal Corradi initially signed was about as much as I’d commit, but if the wife is home-shopping they may have grander plans.

    Montreal presumably would not be insane enough to pay a fee for him, but he nominally has a contract through next summer, so one assumes if the wife is home-shopping and Bologna isn’t crying Tampering with this much publicity then the deal is fairly down the road. We’ll hack out the details after Serie A’s done and I visit.


  • Old School

    For those of us that don’t know: What makes him a quality person?


  • Mike in Missouri

    I don’t care how old he is, if he just scored 10 goals in Italy this year, he’s a quality addition to the league.


  • RyanKC

    What mike said.

    Another thing to keep in mind for this is that they are paying for publicity and it’s working. The good thing is that this publicity scores 10 goals in serie a in a season.


  • Pissed off MLS fan

    Publicity? I thought Montreal was supposed to have another great Canadian fanbase. This franchise is horrible and the fact they were allowed in MLS despite showing how incompetent they are at building a team its a joke


  • Mike in Missouri

    uh, they’ve been a team in Division one soccer for all of 45 days or so. How quickly do you expect them to be on par with SKC, SJ, or RSL?


  • Obie

    The day will be when this guy signs. Young MLS strikers have a lot to learn from this guy.

    Sign the deal already…Montreal is class


  • D

    Exactly…It dosnt have to be one or the other. This signing would be both.


  • Vibor

    I don’t quite understand how the Impact are a joke. They seem to have started their MLS tenure quite well. They have some decent pieces up the middle, that seem to be coming together. They have shown they can score some goals. They seem to be on a good path.

    Di Vaio, while a little older is the type of forward who can play in MLS. He is strong, can play a physical game, and still has the right kind of quickness. De Santis, who was none to happy about the Impact offer to DiVaio getting out to the public, clarified the offer as 1.5 years with a 2 year team option. Coupled with Corradi’s deal, this seems about right to work Wenger in as a regular 90 minute guy, assuming they intend to keep him at forward.

    All in all, this team seems to be building slowly and wisely. In a couple season from now, we should see them as a solid play-off team.


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