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Mid-Day Ticker: Juventus enters Drogba race, Martinez in Liverpool talks & more

Drogba (Getty)

Juventus has jumped into the Didier Drogba sweepstakes.

The Italian champions have reportedly offered the prolific striker a two-year deal that would play him $125,000 a week, as well as a $15 million signing bonus. Drogba, who Saturday led Chelsea to a win over Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, is departing Stamford Bridge after eight seasons with the London outfit.

Juventus is competing for Drogba's services most notably with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, where the 34-year-old would be reunited with former Chelsea teammate Nicolas Anelka.

Here is some more news to keep your Thursday rolling:


Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez is in Miami speaking with Liverpool's ownership about making a move to Anfield, according to Wigan chairman Dave Whelan. The 38-year-old has been widely speculated as the front-runner to replace the departed Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool's manager.

"If it's yes to Liverpool, I will accept it and get on with life. But if it's no, I'll be delighted," Whelan said to ESPN of the pending decision from Martinez. "I would love him to stay, I hope he will stay, but I told him I need an answer in the next seven days."


If Martinez does take over at Liverpool, one player he might be without is Dirk Kuyt. The Dutchman, who started just 12 of his 22 league appearances this past season, told German outlet Bild that Hamburg is interested in acquiring his services.

"Yes, HSV is an option," Kuyt said. "I am proud that such a great, wonderful club have shown interest in me. But there are other offers."


Goal-line technology will be tested when England hosts Belgium in friendly at Wembley Stadium on June 2, and if all goes well, FIFA is expected to give the system the green light a month later.

It will be the first live test for the Hawk-Eye system, but match officials will not actually use it. The system's readings will merely be evaluated by representatives from FIFA, the International Football Association Board and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology.


Would Juventus be a good landing spot for Drogba? Is Martinez the right man for the Liverpool job? How would Kuyt fare for Hamburg?

Share your thoughts below.

  • al17

    Juve rumour has been ongoing for awhile and my guess is that he’s headed there since it appears as though Anelka will out as manager in China.


  • drew

    I don’t know, he has shown some serious class at the end of this season, and with no transfer fee required, Juve have some extra money to entice him with.


  • pd

    Silly Juve- they could get a younger and more stable player in Vlint Dempsey at fraction of the cost.


  • robbie

    I agree Clint would be a fraction of the cost and might be more stable… but cost aside, I think over the next 2 years, you get a higher quality and more productive player in Drogba


  • Marcus

    While that may be true, it just isn’t Italy unless they go after over-the-hill stars!


  • Eurosnob

    Robbie, if you go by this season’s production, you have to go with Dempsey. Clint is tied for no. 4 in scoring in EPL, while Drogba is not even among the top 25 scorers. If you go by the old performances and the name recognition, then Drogba is your man.


  • al17

    But do any of us know what’s in Juve’s pipeline? I don’t but knowing Italian teams, they more than have the younger player part covered, so getting a seasoned and proven veteran with Champion’s League experience is a better deal for them and Dempsey. Hell, getting Drogba is a better deal than Dempsey period.


  • somedude

    lol, Marotta of Juventus said this “”A lot of names are being mentioned, but I can say that Drogba is not part of our plans.””


  • Jason B

    That’s actually only $6.5 mil per year. That’s what Beckham makes. Hell, Donovan probably makes around $38,000 per week based on a $2 mil annual salary.

    Think about this…Albert Pujols makes over $500,000 per week.


  • RLW2020

    true, as ridiculous as it sounds id take Drogba over Beckham for that money. I really hope a MLS team makes a run at Drogba.


  • Adam

    One factor they use when they sign a player is how much can they earn from commercializing him. Therefore, Drogba is worth more than Dempsey even if Dempsey may put up slightly better numbers.


  • ehhh

    do some of you really believe dempsey is a better buy then drogba? thats down right stupid. you are talking about one of the best strikers in the last 10 years in the world, hes proven it on big stages year in and year out. dempsey hasnt ever played a champs league game. i know we all want our american lads to shoot up to these top teams such as juve, but lets be realistic with the comparisons


  • Jason B

    Especially when Dempsey will cost you a transfer fee and Drogba won’t.


  • Excellency

    Drogba should sock away the cash. Life is short.

    Martinez would be an excellent choice for Lpool.


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