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Messi hat-trick leads Argentina to victory over Brazil

Leo Messi 1 (Reuters)


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – It may have only been a friendly and not a World Cup qualifier, but it was still a game that will not be forgotten any time soon.

Argentina defeated archrivals Brazil, 4-3, in front of a record crowd of 81,994 at MetLife Stadium on Saturday afternoon, riding a Leo Messi hat-trick that included a wonderful winner in the final minutes of the South American clasico.

Both teams traded blows throughout the match and it even got physical in the end, with Brazilian fullback Marcelo and Argentine midfielder Ezequiel Lavezzi getting sent off after an altercation. But Messi worked his magic with a stunning goal in the 85th minute to give the Argentines the victory in the entertaining game.

Messi found the back of the net twice in the first half to give Argentina a 2-1 lead at halftime after Romulo opened the scoring, but goals by Oscar and Hulk put the Brazilians back on top in the second half. The Selecao's celebrations after Hulk's goal were shortlived, however, as Federico Fernandez headed home a corner four minutes later and then came Messi's wondergoal.

Here are full match highlights:


What do you think of Argentina's 4-3 win over Brazil? Surprised both teams combined for seven goals? How many times have you rewatched that Messi goal?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Hincha Tim

    That was soccer at its most entertaining pinnacle. Say what you want about defenses. The simple fact is that both teams went out there to score goals with the attitude, “you may score goals on us, but we will score more on you in the end”. I wish more teams would have this attitude, it would bring the game to another level. The shear technical brilliance on display so much by both teams was breathtaking.


  • Dennis

    I was there 28 rows behind the goal Messi scored that last one in. It was remarkable, he won a battle with Marcelo to win the ball, attacked three defenders and got the slimmest amount of space to squeeze the shot into the upper 90. Wow, only 30 minutes earlier there were Brazilians dancing and celebrating their 3-2 lead. In the end it was the Argentinians who were making all the joyful noise.

    It was a truly exciting game if not all that “friendly”.


  • Tom

    Check the replay above, it wasn’t a battle for the ball with Marcelo, it was just Messi skinning him alive on the dribble.


  • KenC

    Was that game played in the 70s, because they can have their goal celebration music back.


  • Old School

    “This Messy kid aint too bad. I’m still better though.”

    -Adam Cristman


  • Travis in Miami

    I disagree. One’s gotta be able to appreciate good cheese and that is very good cheese. the Selecao should make it a requirement for that cheese to be played after every goal no matter where the broadcast is being air to.


  • Knowles

    Messi’s closer to Jordan-level than any athlete I’ve seen in any sport since MJ retired


  • pd

    Nah. He’s Bill Russel/Wilt Chamberlain good. Not saying Jordan wasn’t amazing, just that these two are better.


  • DBW

    Forgive the ignorant newcomer, but the sound effect made when Brazil scores in that video is to die for.


  • bigprof

    to all of Europe, dont bother going to Brazil 2014 cause its gonna be the Argentina Brazil show. You see the way Argentina celebrated that final goal? Messi thrusting his pelvis, as in a “look, I’m ra&ing Brazil” motion, was a bit uncalled for. He never acts this way, but maybe he really is argentina and despises brazil.


  • Vic

    I’ve never been of the opinion that Messi is one of the greatest of all time. His club performance is definately at the greatest level. However, his Argentina performance in the past hasn’t been at that great. In the past year Messi has really risen his Argentina performance. Messi still has two World Cups and one or two Copa Americas left. If he can continue this type of performance, he will be ranked one of the the greatest.


  • Rlw2020

    So far yea! I wish i did nt waste time watch holland and denmark walk around the park. This game looked way more interesting.


  • Tom P

    I just saw a taped delay of the match( Dish network = no GOLTV)

    It made me think, with the exception of Spain’s draw with Italy, why am I watching the Euros?

    The guy is the best of our generation,bar none. Nobody 5’7 and 140lbs soaking wet has any right to do the things he does in today’s game of physical monsters and power football.

    He is a true joy to watch and it seems a good guy besides so we should just sit back and enjoy are luck at watching the best pure footballer in generations regardless of club or country preferences.


  • Tom

    All true. I think he’s a little shorter and a little heavier than that now, but my main concern is that Lucifer owns his soul. Guy plays like a kid’s fantasy.


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