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Tuesday Kickoff: Nowak takes Union to court, Nesta to debut for Impact & more

Nowak (Getty Images)

Peter Nowak was supposed to be coaching the MLS All-Stars this week. Instead, he is reportedly taking the Philadelphia Union to court.

According to Philly.com, Nowak is suing the club for wrongful termination and unpaid severance money. Court documents stipulate that Nowak was given an option to sign a separation agreement and general release that would have seen him get paid his salary through the end of the year but not through the end of his contract, which ran until after the 2015 season. If he did not sign, the club would not pay any severance and issue a letter outlining the cause the club had to fire him.

According to the report, Nowak did not sign the agreement and is arguing that not only was the club's for cause letter insufficient but that his contract was terminated without proper notice and that he was not given the opportunity to address the club's conditions in its for cause letter. The Union did not return a comment to Philly.com and have yet to address the matter.

Nowak was fired on June 13 after guiding the Union to a 2-7-2 start in his third season at the helm.

Here are a few more stories to get your Tuesday going:


It has been a couple of weeks since Alessandro Nesta signed with the Montreal Impact, and the Italian veteran will finally see the field for the club Tuesday night.

Nesta will start in Montreal's friendly against Lyon at Stade Saputo, donning the Impact colors for the first time. His integration in the lineup is a welcome sight for a defense that has become unglued after injuries to centerbacks Matteo Ferrari and Nelson Rivas. The club has allowed 16 goals in its last seven matches without both players, including four games in which it has conceded three goals. Montreal's next match that counts is this weekend against New York.


Arsenal's push to challenge for the Premier League crown has led the club to Spanish winger Santi Cazorla. The Gunners have reportedly agreed to personal terms with Cazorla and are awaiting Malaga's decision on whether their €20 million bid for his services will be accepted. Cazorla has been at Malaga for one season, but financial problems resulted in unpaid wages, and the player reportedly wants out.

Arsenal also addressed their back line, signing centerback Laurent Koscielny to a long-term deal. Koscielny has been at Arsenal for the past two seasons and will remain there for the foreseeable future, although the club did not specify the terms of the deal.


What's your take on the Nowak-Union situation? Do you think the addition of Nesta makes Montreal a playoff-caliber team? Do you think Cazorla is a good fit for Arsenal?

Share your thoughts below.

  • KutamaObama

    Nowak is digging his own grave suing Philly Union, no other clubs in MLS would wanna hire him because of this, IMHO


  • Paddy Megroyn

    The timing of Nowak filing this lawsuit is positively Steinbrenneresque. Well played, Peter.


  • Rico

    Actually, I think it sounds like Nowak might have a very good case against Philly (if this information is accurate). This could be the first thing Nowak has been right about.


  • Ski Fast!

    But, but, but Nowak…you’re suing a team who can’t even pay their taxes from two years ago!


  • drew11

    That might be the case but to drop it a day before the All Star game in Philly is an unnecessary F U. He is done in MLS.


  • Joe


    The below link is from a Philly Paper and they have the termination cause that was sent to Nowak. Not sure because I am not a lawyer but it doesn’t appear his case is solid. He may also have it dismissed solely because there is an arbitration process that may alleviate the court from hearing the case.



  • bryan

    yikes, i think Philly are going to get screwed. based on what i read, it seems like his case is solid. still, this guy is a Dbag.


  • b

    If this ever goes to trial MLS lawyers can show the 99% of fan comments across everything from Philly news sites to Union blogs to BigSoccer to SBI that are overwhelmingly anti-Nowak as evidence. Even morons on the internet know this guy was a completely incompetent, borderline insane, coach from hell.


  • PD

    He’d use the insanity defense and win. What is polish for “batsh!t crazy”?


  • PD

    There have been a lot of “zingers” alluding to how broke the Union is. I’d love o learn a little more about their financial footing and how it compares to othe expansion teams in MLS.

    In other words, is there something to this or is it simply something old men like to bitch about?


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