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Report: Vergara fires Chivas USA GM Domene


Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara has reportedly not wasted any time in making changes with his new-found total control of the team.

A day after the Chivas USA and Chivas de Guadalajara owner purchased the other 50 percent of the club from Antonio Cue to assume complete ownership of the club, Vergara fired general manager Jose Domene, the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday. Domene has had an active season with the Goats, acquiring the likes of Danny Califf, Juan Agudelo and Shalrie Joseph in an attempt to bring Chivas back to the postseason.

According to The Times, with Vergara making a swift statement by firing Domene, more front-office personnel will be on the way out as well, a list that could include head coach Robin Fraser given Vergara's track record with managers who have underperformed at Chivas de Guadalajara.

What do you think of this development? Do you see Fraser lasting after this season as coach?

Share your thoughts below.

  • soccerhorn

    Vergara is a raving egomaniac. He has let this team rot for the last half-decade, refusing to fund the signings of available talent (Feilhaber, Adu, etc). Now he thinks he’s going to be a knight in shining armor to rescue this team? What a joke. Has anyone seen them play lately? As uninspiring, and uninspired, a group as you could hope to never see. The last few games they’ve looked like they’re all just stepping back to watch Dan Kennedy make another dozen spectacular saves. It even appears that Chivas has stopped paying to have the stadium fully lit during their matches. Seriously. Put a Chivas home game and a Galaxy home game on your tv side by side and you tell me.

    The only thing the Vergara “takeover” is going to accomplish is delay by two years the inevitable. The folding of CD Chivas USA.


  • abc

    Vergera’s first move should have been to change the name of the team.
    -Remove “Chivas” and find a real name, eg Aztecs
    -Remove “USA” and replace with Los Angeles
    -Replace the logo
    -Find a site for a soccer specific stadium somewhere in the LA metropolitan area


  • Seriously

    Problem is he owns the real Chivas. He’s the idiot that thought it was a good idea in the first place to name them CUSA. Hopefully this means he will sell the team trying to make a larger profit, but i doubt it. I expect more of the same from CUSA.


  • BoBo

    The LA Times article said he could move the team to Arizona. Could AZ support an MLS club?


  • Mike

    I’m sorry but how people have not compared this team to the old CLippers is in crazy they r the second fiddle in la n unless u got a Blake griffin type coming in or trading for a Chris Paul type superstar they’re not going anywhere


  • somedude

    haha, where’s the people bitching about Arizona SB 1070, like when the MLS teams said they were going to use Arizona for pre-season.


  • whoop-whoop

    For F sakes…. sell rename or re-brand or whatever it takes to put them in San Diego already. It’s a no brainer for the league as well as the owner if he actually desires the team to succeed. SD has a fervent fanbase starving for a team to cheer for. Hell, they’re doing a good job of crossing the border already to support the Xolos… offered by a foreign league that markets to and cares about them more than their own league. Que verguenza que Vergera sees this as nothing more than a cross promotional venture for the real Chivas. Lame.


  • Dudinho

    LMAO the guy needs to sell the dam team already.

    The team needs to go to Sacramento or Vegas


  • Brian

    As a former and native born Sacramentan, I would have to say that the idea of moving a team to Sacramento is pretty unrealistic. Sacramento was hit pretty hard by the recession and still hasn’t really recovered much. No way that a stadium could be publicly funded now or in the next few years or so. And playing at Hornets Stadium wouldn’t cut it.


  • Brian

    Plus they would want to put it in Elk Grove, no bueno. So far removed from Downtown Sac.


  • abc

    If the Kings are really leaving, and fortunately it looks like they are, what about a soccer stadium in that downtown Sac development?


  • ViC El Paso Texas

    Bring it to ElPaso baby, his ife has roots from Juarez,Chihuahua our sister border city.Our city of El Paso wants to make a 120 million soccer stadium but they want owners speak out first. It would be perfect for Vergara and El Paso, texas but San Diego Padres have been sold to a Mexican owner, so maybe they can share a stadium. But Vergara is a bitch and crazy owner, not even Mark Cuban style, worse than that. I say San Diego or Phoenix, because Vergara wont want a small city. Good luck Garber with Vergara because he is one terrible owner for MLS.


  • Larry

    you shouldn’t need GM’s in soccer. Let the managers buy the players they want so the buck stops with them.


  • AAA

    This type of ownership is what can happen without promotion and relegation. Bad owners usually find their teams relegated. MLS is stuck with him until he sells the team or it folds. Oh well.


  • joejoe

    Get some good DPs and if they start winning the name thing would be a non issue. Winning fixes everything.


  • PD

    It would be like watching a Marlins game before the dome… Only the players would all be dead instead of disinterested.


  • Felix

    I know this point isn’t relevant to the headline – but will someone please buy this team and attempt to make them relevant.


  • ELAC

    Thank you for all your hate that fuels my love for Chivas USA!
    Seriously, listen to What the Flock?!. It’s a great podcast that could enlighten a few of you xenophobes and Ignorants.
    No offense.


  • Steve

    Think Vergera just wants out of MLS, so he wants the control to work out the deal possible.


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