MLS- LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy vs. Isidro Metapan: Your Running Commentary


The Los Angeles Galaxy kick off their quest for a Champions League title when they take on El Salvador side Isidro Metapan at Home Depot Center tonight in CONCACAF Champions League action (10pm, FOX Soccer Channel).

The Galaxy will be without Landon Donovan tonight, but will be fielding all the rest of their starters against Metapan, which opened group play with a 3-1 victory against the Puerto Rico Islanders.  Forward Nicolas Munoz will lead the Metapan attack against a Galaxy defense featuring all four first-choice defenders. Young midfielder Jose Villarreal gets the nod in place of Donovan tonight.

If you will be watching tonight's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

  • Larry

    i dont think the CCL is going to be important until they move the final so it occurs right after the MLS season.

    right now the final is in April. That makes no sense at all.


  • Eric

    I might be wrong about this but even if they could move it to a time like that, it would be inconvenient for the other CONCACAF leagues who follow different schedules than MLS. Because not everyone follows a roughly similar schedule (like in UEFA), the timing of the tournament is always going to be rough for some of the teams.


  • Jason B

    I think its important. It might take a few more years until the casual fan sees its importance, but I actually think the scheduling is fine.

    What could help is MLS moving up the start of the season to early March that way the MLS teams that make the quarterfinals could be in a little better position to take on Mexican/Central American teams that are in mid-season form.


  • T

    LA should redo the seats in their stadium. I would suggest the colors to be all navy blue, all white, or all golden yellow, and yes I do know chivas usa share the stadium too.


  • Larry

    Yeah im aware of that. But who are the big leagues in CONCACAF? MLS and La Liga MX.

    i think these two leagues need to get on the same schedule timeframe so a CCL final can happen after the end of their seasons.

    I know La Liga MX has a very complicated league system but i’m sure something can be worked out.

    having the CCL final in April makes the CCL pretty irrelevant. Just imagine if the UEFA CCL was done like this…it wouldn’t be that important of a trophy either.


  • mike

    really? something can be ‘worked out’? wake up dude. there is so much money involved here. No easy task.


  • 20

    what the F#@% ref?? I’ve never seen anything like this. LA should appeal this red card somehow


  • Nave

    The comments here about the referee in this game and in a lot of the other games where a US team is involved are hilarious. Incompetent? Really? Yes, nearly every time a US team plays a team from another country in this competition the referee is “incompetent”, and always in such a way as to favor the team playing the US. Penalty kicks and red cards galore against the US team are the rule. That’s in addition to the biased refereeing throughout the game. I no longer watch these games. It’s quite pointless. There is no way a US team will ever win this competition again, no matter how good they are.



    How funny does the metapan coach look?!! Made Maradona look like a healthy coach LMAO and what was the deal with the coach and his staff wearing the concacaf vests? “or whatever you want to call them”


  • Conrad

    He was wearing a white shirt, which could be confused with the Galaxy jersey. Pretty standard practice.


  • David J S

    “Incompetent? Really?”
    Yes. Really. I get the point of your post that the refereeing in games involving MLS teams always is biased but it’s not hilarious that people are calling incompetent officiating incompetent. It’s just stating facts.


  • Nave

    You’re a little slow aren’t you? It’s not incompetence when a referee deliberately tries to help a team win. It’s called corruption.


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