Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Fernando Torres

  • shutupayouface

    nice toe poke! torres has lost some of this pace, but he’s still got a lot of quality. and now he has the service.

    hazard is a baller.


  • rigoberto

    I think Hazard is the player Chelsea have always needed to bring Torres back to the top of his game. Their understanding will only grow better and better as the season goes on.


  • AdamFromMich

    Ives. I understand they’re your employer but these links to the Fox Sports website really stink. They don’t work in either of the Android phones I have owned or on my Kindle Fire. I’ve also had problems with them in some PC browsers. Is this a problem with the Fox site or with SBI?


  • Eric

    It most likely doesn’t work because they run on Microsoft Silverlight which neither the Kindle or Android run.


  • paully

    I just watched it on my Android phone. I use the Dolphin HD browser. It has an Add-on that allows you to toggle on “Desktop mode”, so websites don’t know you’re using a mobile device. I don’t believe it was necessary, but I do have it turned on.


  • paully

    Yup. With “Desktop mode” toggled off, the video link takes you to some MSN Mobile bs and you can’t watch the video, only search irrelevant, sports junk. Lame.

    Dolphin HD, with Desktop toggle Add-on, ftw.
    That’s pretty lame of Fox.


  • FulhamPete

    Is this a ‘must see’ because it was Torres actually scoring a goal that wasn’t gifted to him?

    Nice toe poke. Slice spin. Skilled.

    Must see? Nah.


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