Match Highlights

Real Madrid 3, Manchester City 2: Match Highlights

  • PD

    Poor Joe Hart. He’s a solid keeper, but some folks just aren’t meant to be Big Game goalies. I fear he may be one of them.


  • PD

    Although if you take a closer look at that 3rd RM goal, you have to give credit to Ronaldo for making him look so silly. The ball does hit the ground at a real wonky spot. I could see how that would knuckle by a lot of good keepers…


  • BCC

    Joe Hart was the difference between 3-2 and 6-2. He was not the problem. Those of you criticizing him may want to analyze the ten zombies in front of him.

    All of that said, Hala Madrid!


  • smokeminside

    I agree. That last goal should have been stopped by the defender in front of Hart, but he just ducked and got out of the way. You can see Hart going WTF and gesturing at his defender afterwards.


  • jai_brooklyn

    Agree completely. It seemed a miracle that the game was tied 0-0 at the half.

    Guess most of the Joe Hart comments are from folks who never saw the game. I actually thought Casillas had a bad game. Can’t think when that happened last.


  • biff

    I gotta throw my 2 cents in this also. Joe Hart was a hero most of the match making at least half a dozen great saves before Ronaldo’s vicious game-winner, which Kompany could have deflected with his head (although is a natural reaction, I suppose, to protect your future and duck so one of Ronaldo’s rockets does not cause brain damage). I just checked stats and Madrid had a whopping 35 shots during the game with 12 on target. Hart was a busy man and was no doubt drained by the final minutes and has every right to be angry with his defenders as reports today are suggesting.


  • BCC

    Casillas has had a poor season. I have watched him play for a lot of years and never seen him react so slowly. I am wondering if he is still feeling the effects of a concussion suffered in a game a few weeks ago.

    Ronaldo’s goal looked deceptively easy to stop but was not. He does not strike through the ball in a conventional manner and it makes his shots knuckle in a deceptive way. He’s done it to many, many keepers.


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