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Sounders acquire top spot in allocation order, land veteran keeper Hahnemann

HahenmannSEA (ISI)

Photo by Howard C. Smith/ISIphotos.com

At long last, Marcus Hahnemann has returned to Seattle.

The Seattle Sounders traded a conditional draft pick to Toronto FC in exchange for the top spot in the MLS allocation order, which they promptly used to select the 40-year-old former U.S. national team goalkeeper and Seattle native on the final day teams can add players to their rosters this season.

Hahnemann not only hails from Seattle, but he played collegiately there and was a part of the A-League Sounders from 1994-1996 as well. He had long been speculated to be going back to Seattle while he wrapped up his lengthy time in Europe, and Friday night's trade paved the way for that to happen after he signed with MLS earlier in the day.

"This is where I started my career, and I wanted to finish here," Hahnemann said in a Sounders release. "This is what we’ve always dreamed would happen in Seattle, and what I always wanted when I was here."

It will be Hahnemann's second foray into MLS after he played for the Colorado Rapids from 1997-1999 and helped guide the club to its first MLS Cup appearance in 1997.

Hahnemann had most recently been with Everton, where he did not play as the third goalkeeper behind Tim Howard and Jan Mucha. It remains to be seen where he will fit in with the Sounders, who have entrenched starter Michael Gspurning, Bryan Meredith, Andrew Weber and Josh Ford as goalkeepers on the roster. Considering that he has not played a competitive match in more than a year, Hahnemann figures to provide a more experienced back-up option to Gspurning while working his way to fitness.

"Adding Marcus for the final stretch gives us experience and quality on and off the field to supplement our current core of goalkeepers," Sounders coach Sigi Schmid said.


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  • Chad

    Happy to have Marcus back, but I’ve been very happy with Gspurning and expect him to remain our starting GK.


  • euroman

    MH didn’t come to set on the bench at 40…before the playoffs he will have establish himself in the goal for a very deep run. Great news for Marcus and Seattle!


  • peterjh

    Just read his press conference notes and it sounds pretty clear he understands his role is as a backup for Gspurning.


  • euroman

    Let’s revisited the starter/backup thing in a few weeks. 40 is not too old for a GK and especially in much lower league than MH is used to playing in.


  • JWakes

    He’s on the bench for the rest of this season, barring injury to Gspurning, but I’d expect the Sounders trade Gspurning in the offseason, either for an additional Defenseman or allocation money.


  • Brad

    I love how the MLS claims parity and has rules on place like the returning player rule. But as soon as a player of note wants to come back to the league it’s all a formality and said player can dictate where they want to go. Time to drop the parity charade


  • Max

    Baffling…Gspurning has been outstanding this year.

    Another team could have used Hahnemann as a starter.


  • divers suck

    Jeesh! Don’t you folks know how to read? MH is 40 years old and wants to retire in his home town. He’s not going to un seat Gspurning unless he gets injured or needs a rest. 40 year old ‘keepers that haven’t played (save for a few games) in 2 years normally wouldn’t fetch a high price. Gspurning is going nowhere! Andrew Weber will be the one likely to go. No team needs 5 goalkeepers!


  • gstommylee

    Seattle isn’t going to be getting rid of Gspurning. Hahnemann is going to retire as a sounder. He is back up for Gspurning for the rest of his career.



    funny how things turned out for him wouldn’t you say? why didn’t he just retire or stay in England? He could start for any club in the Championship


  • divers suck

    Yeah, the proverbial “conditional draft pick”. MH was never going to play for Toronto or anyone else but Seattle and I’m guessing all the other MLS teams knew this. Parity or not Brad, Marcus Hahnemann deserves to retire where he wants, not where MLS tells him he has to go with all of these silly weighted drafts. Remember Brian McBride?


  • Charles

    He is a Sounder. If they had the money he would have stayed, they didn’t so he came back when he could.
    Won a championship here.


  • abc

    That team is the Portland Timbers.

    A rusty Hahnemann is a better option than Ricketts as soon as tomorrow.


  • El paso, tx- soccer love

    WFT, is he like on steroids or something. Seattle sounders like to waste money. Why not put grass after the football teams from college and nfl get their thing straight or just make them a SSS anywhere they can and not a arena for basketball or hockey. Seattle sounders need to be like the Galaxy and Red Bull, get top DPs because at the end of the day it will win you the MLS Cup and even Open Cup. Its the new era of MLS and once the Cosmos come into play, it will be Galaxy, Red Bull, and Cosmos taking advantage of thr DP rule and “parity.” Now lets hope the academies do their job and colleges too but Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, New England (if they move closer to Boston), Dc (the capital of USA)TFC, Montreal, Philly have potential for big DP signings. Houston can become a latin power house team just like FC Dallas. Salt Lake, San Jose, Chivas USA, Columbus, SKC might have long term trouble for big DP signings.
    By the way, Galaxy or Red Bull win this years MLS Cup.


  • divers suck

    You’re crazy in everything you said. Waste of money? How much do you think a 40 year old GK who hasn’t played in 2 years costs? Why do you think the Sounders need to model themselves in the “image” of the Red Bulls, Galaxy or anyone else? I would think that everyone else needs to model themselves to the Sounders. Like maybe have your communities show as much interest in soccer as Seattle does?


  • jeff

    he’s probably just transitioning from player to coach. That’s why it’s no big deal they have 5 goalkeepers. Berhalter and Kirovski did it very successfully with the galaxy, I’m sure seattle are grooming their future goalkeeping coach. Possibly a future head coach down the line.

    just saying.


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