SBI MLS All-Newcomer Best XI

Every year, MLS teams scan the globe in search of talent to help boost their rosters, and in some cases, they come back with real gems.

The 2012 season saw its fair share of standout newcomers, and while we didn’t see an influx of high-priced superstars, we did see several top teams add key pieces that have helped them make a push at an MLS Cup title.

San Jose centerback Victor Bernardez, Seattle goalkeeper Michael Gspurning and Houston midfielder Oscar Boniek Garcia were all key to their team’s successes during the regular season, and will all be important heading into this week’s conference playoff semifinal second legs.

All three are members of the SBI MLS All-Newcomer Best XI. We have selected the MLS newcomers (not including rookies) who have made the biggest impacts this season. The squad is based on positions, otherwise we could have had 7-8 midfielders on this list.

Here is SBI’s MLS All-Newcomer Best XI:

SBI MLS All-Newcomer Best XI

————-Jairo Arrieta——-Saer Sene——————-

Felipe Martins———————–Oscar Boniek Garcia

————-Patrice Bernier—-Jaime Castrillon———-

Luis Zapata—————————————–Y.P. Lee

————Arne Friedrich—-Victor Bernardez———

———————Michael Gspurning——————-

HONORABLE MENTION– Markus Holgersson, Matteo Ferrari, Marcelo Sarvas, Federico Higuain, Lee Nguyen, Blas Perez, Marco DiVaio, Sherjill MacDonald.


What do you think of our All-Newcomer Best XI selections? Who didn’t make the squad that you feel should have? (And no, we’re not above making a change to our squad). Who are you happy to see make the team?

Share your thoughts below.

  • rapidsman12

    Two players from the rapids plus Rivero and Cascio, that’s a strong future for the Rapids.


    • MMV

      I’m not sold on Casio just yet. He was so up and down this season but that’s expected given he was a rookie.It was hard for me to properly evaluate. Rivero is a stud, period, and it’s scary I see more in him. You know who, from the Rapids, could have been considered for the list, if given more minutes? kamani Hill. I love what I saw when he played. Pitty Peraja didn’t use him more. Hisproduction was pretty darm good for the minutes he played.


      • Pyongyang

        yes!!! what is going on with Hill and why didn’t he get the minutes he clearly deserved?


  • Evan

    I didn’t watch many of his games this year, but how did Nesta do in his first year in MLS?


    • Mase NJRB

      Think Barry Robson deserved a spot, how Kenny Miller still gets call ups for Scotland and he doesnt is beyond me.


  • Sean

    I’m stunned the Union’s Porfilio Lopez didn’t make the cut. Ives, you’re slipping.


    • Hogatroge

      I’m not familiar with Lopez, so that might have been a joke, but if it wasn’t…. are you serious? The Union were awful this year.


      • broadsthooligans

        definitely a joke. Lopez was expected to be a key pick up at fb barely played at all and still was given too many opportunities.


  • Knuckles

    Gspurning has been fantastic for the Sounders. We are, almost literally, lost without him.


  • beto

    Zepata was good yet inconsistent at best. i guess there are no other LB’s on this list…but all in all some top players here..


    • Mack

      i was thinking the same exact thing. i dont watch that many columbus games but it seemed most people thought he was an MVP canidate despite playing only a small portion of the season. i guess that shows what not making the post season will do to post season awards although colorado is showing up quite a bit on this list and they were awful


  • ed houston

    cant argue with the list save for zapata. don’t really know what kind of season he had but i’ll take you word for it.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Not a newcomer. Had to have never played in the league before. If you’ve played in MLS before, you’re not new.


    • Ives Galarcep

      He only played 13 games. He was great for those 13 games, and was seriously considered, but it just wasn’t enough to give him the nod over other midfielders who played significantly more. There’s no denying he was great, and should be great in 2013, but he was at too deep a position to beat out the players with such a small sample size.


  • Keith G.

    How is Tim Cahill not on the list. Yes he didnt score a lot of goals but the team played so much better with him on the field.


  • Tim F.

    I have not seen all these players play, so I don’t have a complete perspective but my two observations are:

    1. I’m surprised that Tim Cahill did not make at least the honorable mention list; and

    2. I’m surprised that Federico Higuain did not making starting XI; he may have showed up late but he had tremendous impact and at least some of the listed starters did not play the full season.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Cahill simply didn’t do enough in his short time in the league to merit honorable mention. As for Higuain. only one midfielder on the Best XI didn’t play the full season, and that was Oscar Boniek Garcia, who played more games than Higuain and had at least the same impact, if not more, than Higuain. I couldn’t squeeze Higuain in without distorting the balance of positions (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 forwards). If I had scrapped trying to keep positions balanced then Higuain was the 12th player and would have edged out a Luis Zapata.


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