SBI Live Q&A

SBI Live Q&A (Dec. 3rd Edition)

It is that time again. Time to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

Want to talk the MLS season that just ended, the crazy off-season action already underway, or maybe U.S. national team talk? We can talk about all that, as well as European soccer, college soccer and a sprinkling of pop culture questions.

Get your questions ready and send them our way.

Let’s get started (SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):

  • Mark

    2:17 Comment From Vic: How long does Altidore not score for USMNT before it becomes time to bench him?
    2:17 IVES: Was this question from last year and you just found it?

    Ives – I was a bit surprised that you answered this questions with such contempt.

    I think this is a valid question regardless if its from last year or not. Actually, it’s more poignant b/c it shows that he hasn’t been scoring with regularity for the USMNT this year or in past years.


    • Kyle

      Altidore was already benched for lack of scoring so the question is no longer relevant because it already happened.


  • dillaffer

    Favorite commentary from today’s Q&A?
    “Comment From Heels
    Who are your top 3 seniors?”
    “Dillon Powers, Carlos Alvarez and Erik Hurtado, followed by Blake Smith, Ashton Bennett and John Stertzer. Solid five right there.”

    So solid, it seems like six.
    Get some rest and keep up the good work.


    • Ives Galarcep

      I’ll blame the red-eye I flew from LA last night. Of course I proceeded to pass out from like 4pm to 7pm soon after that.


  • primoone

    “…In other cases, it definitely shows that some writers are sorely lacking that journalism foundation.”

    I am not too worried about this, however; I am worried about the highly educated and decorated journalist severely lacking that footballing bone that those uneducated bloggers have . Although they do intend to drum up some sort of coverage of the sport, their lack of knowledge and misinterpretations of the beautiful game are truly concerning and a little embarrassing. There are some great examples of this at Si.com as well as MLSSoccer.com


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