U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT Daily Update: A look back at the goals of 2012

  • MemRook

    Brilliant video. Gives me chills. Love the editing.

    Here are my initial impressions/thoughts:

    Remember when people were saying Gomez wasn’t good enough for the national team?

    Loved the Hejduk footage of him in the stands. That dude rocks.

    Our team can be hella frustrating (but which team isn’t frustrating really, unless you’re Spanish?), but I have to say I love our team. I want to say thank you USA team for making it to the next round of qualifiers and I can’t wait to watch those games.


    • Eric W

      Heck yeah! And I’d like to just take a moment to appreciate feeling positive and happy about our team. I love the f*ck out the USMNT and enjoy sharing that feeling here with the SBI community.


  • MemRook

    I wanted to add a little more about our team: they are all, pretty much every single player, really likable dudes. It’s hard not to like them individually and as a unit. Sometimes they don’t give their all or leave it all on the field, but usually they do. And this video just highlights the passion these players have for their team. Furthermore, I believe that now more than ever the fans and the players share a special relationship, like soldiers in the trenches who’ve gone though all the ups and downs together and are bonded by the shared battle of not being taken seriously, struggling at times to find an identity and the frustration that comes with unfulfilled expectations. We’ve had to defend ourselves against the nonbelievers, around the world, in our own country, maybe even within ourselves. I think what it means to be an American soccer fan and player is the united feeling of “us against them” and “we’re here to stay” and “no matter what it takes”.

    Oh when the Yanks……


    • JRP

      Don’t mean to be Debbie Downer as I love the Nats as well. However, there are a number of players I wouldn’t describe as likable. Not naming players and just because they aren’t likable doesn’t mean they don’t perform well.


  • 2tone

    Now it’s time for the USMNT to cover themselves in glory in 2013. Fight like hell and don’t give your opponents an inch! The USMNT is on the verge of becoming a really good team. Can’t wait for the game against Honduras.


  • Kosh

    Fantastic! Brilliant!! Here’s hoping that 2013 turns into a bigger, more successful year capped by a historic run of success in 2014.

    Happy New Year SBI.


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