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Fire land Lindpere from Red Bulls

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The Chicago Fire were in the market for some help in central midfield and they have just found it in a player who is leaving a team that didn’t seem to value him in a central role.

The Fire have acquired Joel Lindpere from the New York Red Bulls in exchange for an international roster spot for the 2013 season, sources with knowledge of the deal confirmed to SBI on Friday.

Lindpere should compete for a starting role as a central midfielder, where he thrived for New York early in career. He struggled with the Red Bulls in 2012 playing in a wide midfield role he just didn’t look comfortable playing.

The move frees up salary cap space for the Red Bulls (Lindpere is due to make in the neighborhood of $200,000 in 2013), while also giving them an extra international roster spot, which is valuable for a team that is sure to have a strong international feel to it once the team is done building its roster.

The Red Bulls are far from done shaping their roster. Colombian defender Wilman Conde is expected to be cut loose at some point in the off-season, which should free up even more salary cap space, while forward Kenny Cooper could still be traded this off-season.

So who is the winner in this trade? The Red Bulls could make out if they use the salary cap space and international slot for an impact starter, but they also might have helped give a conference rival a vital piece the Fire were missing, a tireless central midfield option with good attacking qualities.

What do you think of this development? See Lindpere succeeding in Chicago? Think the Red Bulls let him go too cheaply?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Wasabi Papichulo Oso

    He sure will be missed. His bite will be missed. He sure impressed when he was allowed to do what he does. Thank you! (Applause)


  • David St. Hubbins

    what a steal for chicago… they should have asked for all of NY’s superdraft picks as well I’m sure NY would not have cared


  • MA1 Rodriguez

    Good to see Fire improving that midfield, hopefully, they bring back Argie playmaker & Uruguayan duo from 2011.


  • Dan in New York

    He scored his first MLS goal against the Fire. (And the first goal ever at Red Bull Arena in a friendly vs. Santos.) He was great his first two seasons with the RBs. Loved his hustle; he was like a locomotive. Totally looked out of sync last year though. I wish him well.


  • Bob L

    I really like his edge this year, pissed off about not winning. Bummer he couldn’t find a home but I understand the move. Good luck to Joel except against us ! 😉


  • wilyboy

    Expect a reaction similar, (but not as intense) as when De Ro was castoff by New York. He’s going to finally play a position that makes sense, and he’s going to have an impact. Also, he’s going to score against NY. Probably in the playoffs.


  • Joamiq

    He will be missed. Incredible workrate, solid passer and finisher, scored some vital goals in his time in NY. He never stops fighting. Section 8 will love him.


  • tony

    this is a bad trade for new york!!!!!!
    Backe did not use this player correctly and killed his confidence throughout the season. While the idea of getting rid of any disgruntled players is ideal for an organization that is starting over, Linpere was not a benchwarmer and the redbulls should have been able to at least negotiate for something more than an international spot. I also disagree with the loss of Victor Palsson who was never given a defined role last year and seems to be fitting in well as a defensive midfielder in a 433 formation. Given that the team is thin at the defensive midfield role with only mc carty left for this spot is concerning as well. my apologies for any spelling errors : )


    • T-lover

      How is this a bad trade for NYRB? they give up a player who had a bad year last year. Even when put in the central position,he never really made an impact. NY now has room to go make another big signing. Victor Palsson, was horrible.


      • tony

        yes the two players had a horrible years. But even players that fail to perform and have some pontential can be traded for more.Linpere had a bad year but he is respected across the league. red bulls could have gotten more out of him. i also think linpere comes back to haunt us. as for Victor he has had positive outings for his new team NEC he has scored.i understand that he picked up 2 yellows with NEC but he was a player that clearly needed to be developed and used in a specific position as he is now in the 4- 3- 3. so the question then is was he really that bad or was it the team and the coach that was falling apart


      • T-lover

        NYRB did get what they wanted, a international spot, which means they have a player in mind to fill that position. As for Victor he is horrible. Victor use to be at Liverpool, they cut him. Then was sent to Scotland, they cut him. People keep saying he has potential, I haven’t seen it yet. I will start to wonder about the dutch league, if this player does anything positive. One goal, doesn’t mean nothing. Just ask his former team in Scotland, where they said he was the MVP of the first half, then fall apart in the second half.


  • Kelly

    Good luck Joel, and thanks.

    I have no doubt that, like almost every former Metro/RB player, he will find a lot of success on his new team.


  • RBULL14

    Interesting to see what the Red Bull’s lineup will be this year. I really hope they keep Cooper; I still like him as a complement to Henry. Here’s my stab at their starting lineup if opening day was today:
    Espindola Cooper

    Lade Juninho Cahill
    Pearce Holgersson Olave Kimura/Barklage


  • Victor

    So did he play CAM for you guys then? I’m trying to figure out the Fire’s formation then……I’m thinking maybe

    Rolfe Macdonald up top, Lindpere as the CAM, Flaco out right with Nyarko out Left, Pause or Pardo at CDM, then Segares/Friedrich/Berry/Anibaba and then Johnson in goal.


    • RedBull14

      yes Lindpere can play CAM or LM. I think you just forgot to mention Rolfe, out of the Fire’s four attacking mids he’s a definite starter. I’m guessing that the two outside midfielder positions will be a dogfight between Lindpere, Flaco, and Nyarko.


    • Joamiq

      Lindpere can do some work on defense too, and while he’s a good and incisive passer and can play attacking midfield I wouldn’t quite think of him as the fulcrum of the attack. He’s more of someone who’ll dart into the play, make a smart pass, and keep moving. Kind of an all purpose, fluid midfielder.


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  • Patrick

    Sad to see him go, but after last year, it’s understandable if he wanted a fresh start. The bickering between I’m and backe about where he should play was awkward xxx


  • Eugene

    Why is Wilman Conde expected to be cut loose? First time I’m hearing about that. Lindpere is good, but he really had a down year last year, so his best days may be behind him. He also didn’t have a clear cut spot in the Red Bulls midfield anymore. We need some pacier options, especially on the wings.


    • ernj

      With Olave and Holgersson (assuming he is back) playing CB and Pearce as LB Conde is too expensive to leave on the bench, much like Lindpere. He also takes an international slot and there was the locker room tirade where he called out Titi. That last bit alone likely makes his exit a certainty given how much influence Henry has now.


  • Eugene

    I did kind of expect Lindpere to be traded for more though… would have been nice to have gotten a draft pick or a young midfielder to back-up Dax, like Corben Bone.


  • Sean

    Really upset about this trade. Lindpere was one of the best players of the past few years. Fans cared about him, he about the fans. I am not pleased with Red Bull for this.


  • Sabella

    Best wishes to Joel. He was, in my view, team MVP in 2011. He gave everything he had every second he was on the pitch. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Last year was obviously not his best. Tough call on this. He may be on the downside of his career…..


  • inkedAG

    Throughout this team’s history, they sure do like to cut loose/trade/dismiss good/great players and give the moon to some subpar personnel.

    I’ll miss Joel Lindpere.


  • Dan

    Ives… Maybe an article about how these teams that are in constant transition vs stable teams with few yet quality transitions.
    it seems like every year there is an overhaul with this RB team.


  • Steve

    Who makes the decisions for red bull? As,a fire fan I m glad we landed lindpere does this mean kaka is coming?


  • Um, yeah

    Who is making these trades?

    What if the new coach comes in and says “I sure would like a player just like Joel Lindpere?”


    • T$

      Red Bull has a spot on the job application that says “Yes Man”. It is a prequalifier.


  • TomG

    Down year for Joelmlast year but tough to tell whether he’s starting to slide or if he was misused by Hans, but if he still has something in the tank, it’s an absolute steal for Chicago. He’s such a pro, has great skills, and will do anything to make a play.


  • The Squad

    Great move….

    Red Bull Standpoint
    Chicago Standpoint


    Chicago receives an MLS-tested international who fits what they appear to be trying to do.

    They gave up an international slot, so what?

    An in-form Lindpere is a team first midfielder who can kick the ball in the right direction at the right time under pressure.

    The 2012 version of the Fire did a lot of things correctly. The Lindpere addition accentuates the Fire’s apparent policy of signing competent players who are footballers first. Is it difficult to attract big-name, well pedigreed DPs to the windy city? No, probably not.

    But the brain trust understands that they have something solid in place, and Lindpere only adds to that.

    New York:

    Much more in the works….

    These guys understood that Lindpere is an MLS COMMODITY. The international spot allows them to maneuver another player to their liking into Red Bull Arena.

    So what they don’t have a coach….

    The folks making decisions obviously have a plan. the plan includes unloading guys who were told they would be “Big Time” in MLS (not Lindpere) and replacing them with a true team.

    Some how i think Henry is very well placed in terms of the personnel decisions (Marquez not with standing)



    • Forza

      Hopefully the Red Bull FO’s plan becomes clearer in the next coming weeks. I can’t see them unloading any other players besides Miller and maybe Conde or Cooper, but unlike many other high-priced Red Bulls, Cooper IS a big time MLS player, and 2012 showed that. I really think that they would be making a big mistake if they let Espindola start over Cooper.


    • Ryan

      No because Lindpere had a green card, which means he does not take up an international slot.


    • ernj

      Ives — there are conflicting reports whether Lindpere has his green card. Can you confirm or refute this?


  • Tim F.

    Joel has been one of the hardest working and classiest players of the MetroStars / Red Bulls franchise. We wish him well and I am sure most fans would agree.


  • felipe

    lindpere is a tenacious bulldog – as a fan, you ALWAYS knew what you were going to get from him. that type of player is going to be missed by NYRB, (I suppose Dax fills that “charlie hustle” role as well)


  • barnie

    sounds like pardo’s replacement. He’ll do fine under Frankie. Last yr he was unhappy, hopefully that’s the reason he had a off year. Love his work rate, can’t wait to c him next to patrick, alex, and Logan


  • arm

    I am a Red Bulls season ticket holder for the past 13 years and I HATE THEM. Somehow or other most of our trades of so-so players (and Lindpere was NOT one) land on other successful teams and land starting positions (i.e., Brad Davis, Mike Magee, Jason Hernandez, etc, etc.)

    Joel I loved you – your hard work ethic, your wave to the fans, and the all that you gave every game. I hope you have much success and hopefully, will shove this move in our face!


  • John O'Brien

    I think Lindpere is a helluva MLS player. Great work rate, fine technically, versatile and someone with a controlled bite to his play. I think this is a solid pick-up for the Fire and the type of player that RBNY probably should have kept to stabilize their squad.


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