MLS Ticker: Galaxy sign Hesmer, Arguez heading to Minnesota, and more


The LA Galaxy have stockpiled the goalkeeper position, and have made it clear former starter Josh Saunders won’t be a part of the competition.

Less than a week after signing Italian goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini on a free transfer, the Galaxy have reached a contract agreement with Will Hesmer, sources told SBI on Wednesday.

The Galaxy have yet to make an announcement on a Hesmer contract, so nothing is official just yet.

The Galaxy acquired Hesmer, 31, via the MLS Re-Entry Draft, and Hesmer should push Cudicini for the starting role assuming he is healthy. Hesmer missed the 2011 season with  a back injury. The Columbus Crew let him go after the emergence of Andy Gruenebaum, who enjoyed a standout 2012 playing in place of Hesmer.

With Cudicini under contract, and Hesmer expected to be signed, it is safe to say the Galaxy won’t be bringing back free agent and former starter Josh Saunders.

Here are some other stories relating to current and former MLS players:


Former U.S. Under-20 and Under-23 national team pool player Bryan Arguez never did manage to break through with the Montreal Impact last year, and is heading back to the NASL to try and kick start his career.

Arguez is set to sign with the Minnesota Stars, sources confirmed to SBI on Wednesday.

Arguez, who turns 24 later this month, signed with the Impact a year ago but failed to see playing time with the expansion club.


FC Dallas fullback and former U.S. Under-20 national team defender Moises Hernandez is heading to Costa Rican powerhouse Deportivo Saprissa on loan, the club announced on Tuesday.

Hernandez, 20, spent last year on loan with Guatemalan champions Comunicaciones and will look to continue developing in Central America while on loan from FC Dallas, which signed him as a Homegrown Player back in 2011.


What do you think of these developments? See Hesmer challenging Cudicini for the starting role? Surprised to see Arguez struggle to find a place in MLS? Like the idea of a young player like Hernandez gaining experience in Central America?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Rees

    Will be interesting to see whether SH will deem Hernandez ready for a role at FCD after another year on loan.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Saunders looked shaky to me in the playoffs. I think he looked better, cheaper, and younger than Ricketts but in retrospect that may not have been saying much by the end of Ricketts’ stay. Arena is a sharp MLS coach who knows he has some holes to fill to keep LAG competing at the same level, and with all the GKs under signature he’s trying to cover his bases. Saunders does seem to be on the way out.


    • Good Jeremy

      Eh, Saunders definitely had his moments and had the potential. I’m wondering if his personal demons weakened his performance.

      I’m betting Cudicini isn’t thrilled with the news.


      • Brian

        Doubt he cares. He’s shown that he’s fine being a #3 or even #4 GK on a squad.


      • dan

        doubt Cudiccini won’t start. if he has not lost his form he is a world class keeper. probably would’ve been #1 at Chelsea today if they never signed Cech


  • Um, yeah

    If the Galaxy give him a fair shake to win the competition, I think Hesmer beats out Cudicini.


    • Benny Dargle

      Assuming Hesmer is healthy enough to start the season, this seems like an attempt to re-create the strong GK tandem that the Galaxy had with both Ricketts and Saunders a couple of years ago. It also provides leadership out of the GK position, which is something the Galaxy have occasionally lacked on the backline since Berhalter retired and when Omar is unavailable.


    • Brian

      Even if Hesmer proves the better shot stopper, I think Cudicini’s experience will win Bruce over.


      • Ramiro

        Bruce Arena will look to see which GK makes the team better, not necessarily which is better individually.


      • Steve

        Like when he played Buddle and kept talking about how good he was when Villarreal sat on the bench.


  • Kevin

    Hernandez should do good outthere in CR. they are building a squad down there under thier new coach diego estrada.


  • Lorenzo

    I am surprised we are still talking about Arguez. At least that kid has kept on chugging along. His name cannot yet be placed alongside Szetela, Johan Smith, Gabe Ferrari, etc.


  • Andrew

    I’m a little surprised by Hernandez going to Saprissa, because I was under the impression they had a Costa Ricans only policy. Did they drop it, or is this OK because it’s a loan?


    • MMV

      They’ve never had that policy as far as I know. Several brazilians and South Americans have graced their club over the years. A majority of their roster has always been Costa RIcans but they’ve usually had a foreigner or two every season. For MLS player and Uruguayan Jose Cancela plays there.


      • MMV

        i should also mention that Saprissa’s new manager is Rónald González who came from Comunicaciones. So it’s nice to see he thought enough of Moises to bring him in.


  • nato

    MLS has the strangest rules.

    Re-Entry Draft, regular draft, homegrown players. How much longer of this?


    • Brian

      I partially agree.

      I don’t mind the draft for the college kids but they need to drop the “Super” prefix. No one else should have to go through the draft.

      The re-entry draft for US Internationals returning needs to be abolished so they can decide where they want to go. The foreign stars gravitate towards the big cities but the same doesn’t apply to Americans. I’m waiting for an American star to state publicly they the re-entry draft is the only thing preventing him from returning home to MLS.

      I like the Homegrown designation as an incentive to develop academies but it will take a few years for it to bear fruit. But it’s only a matter of time before people in Ohio and elsewhere start complaining that not only do the Galaxy sign the best foreign players but also have access to some of the best homegrown talent because of geographic location and demographic.


      • unbeknownst

        You’re thinking of the US National Team player allocation process, not the re-entry draft. Two completely different things. Or you’re thinking of the MLS weighted lottery system. Either way what you’re talking about is not even what’s close to the to what the MLS re-entry draft is.


      • Freddy

        Returning Americans don’t go through the re-entry draft. That’s only for out-of-contract and option-declined players within the league.


    • Northzax

      Don’t like it? Go support NASL. Surely your favorite team will still be in business next year, right? As long as MLS is a single entity, and until something drastic happens, it will be, these rules , or something close to them, will be in place to ensure talent sharing ad cost reductions among the branches of the company.


  • Brian

    Looking at this pic of Hesmer, I can’t help but wonder whether he asks for “The Justin Timberlake” when he goes to the barber.


  • assocfoot

    How long has it been since Cudicini played regularly? Doesn’t say much the the young goalkeepers (the Brians) if LA feels they need two veterans ahead of them.


    • Gnarls

      The Brians will benefit from the current arrangement, I think. LA’s GK pool now runs the gamut Euro vet to recent college grad. That’s a good recipe for present and future success.


  • ec

    I guess that’s good that the Galaxy can pick up two quality keepers, but sure seems expensive unless teams are so afraid of Hesmer’s back that he’s really on the scrap heap.


  • soccerhorn

    I understand that goalkeepers traditionally mature later than outfield players. And I know that Saunders didn’t necessarily set the world on fire. And that Arena is very much of a “veteran player” guy. But honestly, both these acquisitions seem like “scrap heap” guys. Cudicini was Chelsea’s keeper for nine years BEFORE the arrival of Peter Cech. Think about that. In my EPL memory, Peter Cech has been Chelsea’s keeper since like the 1970’s.

    Here’s hoping that Hesmer and Cudicini are BOTH in LA to provide veteran backup presence for Brian Perk, and that Perk becomes next year’s Gspurning/Meara/Greunbaum. (Salaries would say that’s extremely unlikely, but still…)

    And thanks, Josh Saunders. I hope those two MLS Cups you helped the Galaxy win provided some much deserved protection from the swift kick out the door the Galaxy seem to be giving you. Tough room, tough room indeed.


    • Ramiro

      That’s one way to spin it. Could be that Saunders’ agent feels he is higher value than what Bruce and LA are ready to offer? Something else to think about is that the main reason Saunders took time out this summer was for stress. LA has the most pressure to win than any other team and if you can’t deal with that as a player, then that’s okay. It’s nothing personal, but Bruce probably feels he needs players that can deal with the demands of playing for LA. You say thank you, we appreciated your time, wish you good luck in the future and you’re always welcome back to LA anytime.


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