Sources: Hassli wants out of Toronto FC


When Toronto FC traded for French striker Eric Hassli, it was believed that the high-priced forward could potentially be a solid long-term solution for TFC.

It appears he has no intention of sticking around long enough to make that happen.

Sources tell SBI that Hassli has requested a move away from Toronto FC, with the club in the unenviable position of trying to offload a big-salary player in a league with few options for him (a move back to Europe would seem to make the most sense).

Toronto FC isn’t going to make it easy for Hassli though. When asked on Tuesday about whether Hassli had in fact requested a trade, and whether TFC was planning to trade Hassli, Toronto FC president Kevin Payne would not confirm it. His response, however, seemed very pointed, revealing and defiant.

“Eric Hassli is under contract for 2013,” Payne said. “We’ll decide where Eric Hassli plays this year. Not Eric Hassli.”

Toronto FC acquired Hassli last summer in exchange for a 2014 first-round pick and 2013 international player slot. Hassli managed three goals and two assists in seven matches after joining Toronto. The former Vancouver Whitecaps striker has managed 15 goals and seven assists in 51 career MLS matches.

What do you think of this development? Think Hassli is worth trading for within MLS, or do you think it’s time for the enigmatic Frenchman to return to Europe?

Share your thoughts below.

  • mowe

    Toronto did the most idiotic thing by picking up his option for 2013. They could have just let him walk and saved a $350k cap hit and a DP slot.

    But I guess they had to justify trading a first round pick for him. Thanks a lot Mariner/Cochrane!


    • GG

      I blame Anselmi for this one.

      Mariner never should have been allowed to make that decision to pick up the option if new management was about to come in.


      • alex

        He might be “class” but a sane team not run by Paul Mariner wouldn’t waste a DP spot on him.


    • adrenaline

      Not true. By picking up his option, TFC left their options open. They can sell him, trade him, buy him out or play him. Letting him walk means they would’ve gotten nothing for him.


  • Ossington Mental Youth

    Agreed they shouldn’t have reupped but that goes for Hassli too. Now he has to deal with it. Tfc, afford to rid him without a replacement


    • The Imperative Voice

      But it sounds like we are content to re-sign Ching (5 G) and Weaver (zip), who will collect sizeable paychecks — in the neighborhood of Hassli put together– and produce squat. Once you bring back all the same people there is no cap or roster room to go a different direction.

      I’m concerned roster inertia will bite Houston coming out of this offseason. Ageing team, arguably a lucky run in the playoffs from a low seed. I don’t know how we expect to compete better with the same team back give or take Brunner and Hainault. I know Carr was a fan favorite but personally I think he’s overrated and under-productive per 90 minutes, and we’d have done well to put Bruin with some more productive people, try and up the offense. I foresee another slow start followed by attempts at summer salvage.


      • Edwin in LA

        Well I don’t know….Houston had THE lowest salary budget WITHOUT Boniek-Garcia so basically with NO DPs….

        They added Ricardo Clark and Giles Barnes….but got rid of Clark and I forget the D-Mid/DF guy they also waived…

        I think they have the cash…not to mention they have CCL money from the Spring for qualifying to the current 2012-13 CCL Quarterfinals played right when MLS starts is 2013 season and for qualifying for the 2013-14 CCL thus giving them more allocation money for the 2nd half of the year if you would

        They also got rid of one of the biggest earning guys in Cameron so I think they can have the room realistically. I agree bringing Ching back is a mistake, I hope it’s a very low salary compared to what he was making when he resigned 3 years ago and I’m with you with Weaver not sure why he’s back either maybe for depth and Dom feels he could be useful since he was good in CCL and they will be in 2 or 3 competitions at all times….


  • Brian S.

    Off topic but Stu Holden has just entered the game for Bolton. Finally returning to the first team


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      • Yves

        No salary cap space unless they offload something and no chance they use a DP slot on a player who will be behind DiVaio and will block Wenger in Impact’s lone striker arrangement.


  • MA1 Rodriguez

    I would pay to see Hassli, plus, Hassli scored among best MLS goals ever, too bad Canadian teams are a mess.


  • United fury

    Eric Hassli seems quite overrated to be honest. He’s probably good for 7-10 goals on a good team, but is that really worth 1.5 million a year and a DP slot? He is relatively inconsistent and has been on a lot of different teams over the last few years(locker room cancer?). I think TFC is making a good decision to try and offload him and his salary.


    • Dick Tracy

      this. I don’t mind him staying at TFC and assuring that they are bottom of the Eastern Conference


  • Byron

    It was another bad acquisition by TFC. They gave up next year’s draft pick for him. They keep getting a bunch of guys ready to, or already, retired. A year of two later, they’re gone. You cannot build a club with players that will be gone withing a year or two. They must have a team that can make the playoffs without a DP, then add the DP’s to win the cup.


  • Schteve Town

    Yeah, yeah, I would like to leave TFC too. Unfortunately I renewed my season tickets and Hassli signed a contract, so we are both screwed.

    BTW, to United fury, Hassli will be earning much less than 1.5 million. Probably more like half of that.


  • Liut

    He was great with Vancouver in his 1st season in Canada. Since then, he has underachieved.

    He still could be a nice hold-up guy for a team with this need.


  • S Rockport

    Hassli was a fan favorite in Vancouver, and fairly popular among teammates. No locker room “cancer” as someone suggested. However, it was understandable that they moved him because his production was not at DP levels, and there was an abundance of players up front last year.

    If TFC can find a way to give him some service near the box, he is a very competent finisher. Problem in Vancouver at the time, was not enough creativity from the midfield to give him enough opportunities. I think after he left, Vancouver’s goal production per game declined.


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