U.S. Men's National Team

The SBI Podcast: Episode 3 with special guest Will Bruin



The latest episode of The SBI Podcast is here and Garrett Cleverly and I cover a wide range of American soccer topics including the recent MLS Drafts, Americans Abroad and the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Our special guest in Episode 3 is Will Bruin, who made some headlines on Tuesday by scoring a pair of goals in the U.S. team’s 3-0 scrimmage victory against a team of Club Tijuana reserves. Bruin discusses the training camp, his rapid rise over the past year, and how he’s approaching what could be a big 2013.

Garrett and I also discuss the Brek Shea transfer, and we also touch on Tuesday’s MLS Supplemental Draft.

You can here Episode 3 of The SBI Podcast after the jump:

What did you think of the show? What would you like to hear us add to the show? See Bruin having an even bigger year in 2013?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Old School

    Where the hell have I been?

    Ives, you got the Podcasts going? Nice work, my friend! Looking forward to these.


    • MLSsnob

      Agreed, I refused to call it a podcast until I could put it on my iPod, until now they I called them inconvientcasts.


  • FakeU

    loving the hip-hop intros even tho you don’t look like a raphead! props!

    how about some salsa? cumbia? country?


    • Dainja

      WOWWWW. A little Incarcerated Scarfaces! I can’t lie, hearing about the hiphop intros is what made me finally start listening to these. “LET’S CONNECT, POLITIC, DITTO!”


      • FakeU


        get some local flavor in there as well, jerseyives.

        artifacts – ‘wrong side of the tracks’; sick ass instrumental.


  • Ja Ja James

    Ives…not sure why, but you sounded a little muffled. Awesome to see you have the podcast!


    • Ives Galarcep

      Had some issues with my audio. Should be fine for Friday hopefully. Still working out the kinks.


  • Mark

    Echoing other commenters, I’m looking forward to listening to these now that they are on iTunes. I’ll add them to the podcast rotation.


  • F. Russell

    Echoing a previous listener/reader, really need a RSS link. I listen to podcast gathered by a podcatcher and depend on the RSS link to keep me up to date. Please include such a generic link for a lot of potential listener. . . .like myself


  • zeygote note

    This dude should move to Europe even if its Switzerland or Norway. No need to be Bria Ching 2.0 No NT call ups if ur in MLS


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  • TomG

    Love that there was only one player interview (would love for there to be none, but one is fine). That left a good amount of time for analysis and discussion. Great pacing, very tight show. Chemistry is quite good considering that it’s only your third show together. Some of the humor is a bit forced but that’s natural considering how new the show is. Simple practice and repetition should fix all of that. You two seem very compatible. Love that you called Garrett out for taking pictures of small boys. Good stuff! Garrett needs to work on his comebacks a bit, but I love that he can take it in good fun. Love that you can interrupt each other and set each other straight. Garrett needs to work on his exit music, though… yeesh.


  • Matt

    I look forward to listening to these when you make them downloadable from Soundcloud. (Not an itunes user…)


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