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Tuesday Kickoff: Mourinho targets EPL return, Sven lands a new job, and more


Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho certainly isn’t doing himself any favors.

In yet another stunning revelation, Mourinho admitted in a pre-recorded video for the English FA’s 150th anniversary celebrations that he would like to go back to England and manage in the future, likely in the Premier League, and maybe once more for his former club Chelsea.

His current team has been making the back pages of the Spanish papers for all the wrong reasons, from their poor form at home, to the poorly managed benching of Spain’s no. 1 keeper Iker Casillas.

Real Madrid currently sits in third-place in La Liga, 18 points behind leaders Barcelona.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday kicked off:


Since his reign as the England boss ended in 2006, Sven-Göran Eriksson has tried and spectacularly failed at a number of positions, from managing the Mexican and Ivory Coast national teams, to being the director of football at current League One side Notts County.

But now, according to reports from Germany, Eriksson has been tapped to be the next manager at 2. Bundesliga side 1860 Munich. The Lions, who also play at the Allianz Arena along with Bayern Munich, were taken over by a Jordanian consortium last year, and they believe that Eriksson is the best manager to take them to the Bundesliga.

Before this, the 64-year-old Swede had been had been biding his time as technical director of BEC Tero Sasana, a team in Thailand.


In one of the coups of this January silly season, Queens Park Rangers are very close to signing Marseille forward Loic Remy for a fee of £8 million, according to reports.

At this time yesterday, Newcastle were the leading club to get Remy’s signature, but in the last 24 hours, QPR has stolen in right under the nose of their Premier League competitors, now making them the favorites to land the Frenchman.

Remy has just one goal in 14 appearances for Marseille this season, all but two of them coming off the bench.


Jorge Vergara, the owner of Chivas Guadalajara and Chivas USA, has denied any reports of him trying to sell the clubs, or any of their assets, in an interview on ESPN Deportes radio.

It has been reported recently that Chivas has been operating in the red, and that for a price of $500 million, the Chivas enterprise could be sold.

However, Vergara made it clear that these rumors were not the case, and declared that Chivas was worth way more than the reported $500 million dollars.


Former Valencia coach Unai Emery has been appointed as the new head of Sevilla F.C., after they sacked their manager, Michel. (REPORT)

Gordon Strachan has been tapped to be the next manager of the Scotland national football team. (REPORT)

Chivas Guadalajara forward Rafael Marquez Lugo, not to be confused with the controversial Rafael Marquez Alvarez, now with Léon, has left the hospital after having knee surgery. (REPORT)

FIFA president Sepp Blatter would like to be a television or radio football pundit when he leaves FIFA. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you think Mourinho will be at Chelsea by the start of this summer? What are 1860’s chances of being promoted with Eriksson in charge? Would a broadcast team of Ray Hudson and Sepp Blatter change the world?

Share your thoughts below.

  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    “Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, would like to be a television or radio football pundit when he leaves FIFA”
    Would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


    • Don Dallas

      There’s a Monty Python sketch there some where.

      Other than being a perfect Organ grinder at the base village of some Swiss ski resort, I’m not sure what he would be good at…outside of operating an intricately constructed, global corruption ring, and those jobs don’t come around too often.


  • Jahinho_Guerro

    “Guadalajara forward Rafael Marquez Lugo, not to be confused with the controversial Rafael Marquez Lugo, now of Leon, has left the hospital after having knee surgery. (REPORT)”

    Rafael Marquez Alvarez…correction


    • Waterlewd

      Confusing Rafael Marquez Lugo with Rafael Marquez Lugo is understandable considering it’s the same name.


      • Joe+G

        Kinda like the 2 offensive players for University of Texas football in the last ’70s. Johnny Jones & Johnny Jones.


  • BCC

    Uh, Mou has said he would like to return to the EPL a number of times over the last few years. Not news.


    • Nate Dollars

      yeah, was going to say, if you think that’s a “stunning revelation”, you’re too easily stunned.


  • RK

    Remy is coming off the bench? That’s as dumb as benching Fernando Llorente. Or Casillas. And I can’t believe QPR is getting him.

    Too bad Sevilla grabbed Unai, because Villarreal just fired their coach, and he would’ve been a good fit.


  • Andy

    Could honestly see him landing at Arsenal once Wenger retires in a few years. Big shoes to fill, and unless they let Wenger name/hire his successor (or even if they do), a big name with prior successes in the league like Mourinho would be a great fit.


    • Old School

      Your assumption is he takes over for Wenger and that Wenger is still managing Arsenal in a few years?


      • Paul

        Where else is Kroenke going to find a coach who can succeed within Arsenal’s financial as spectacularly as Wenger? I believe that Wenger is probably the only manager in the Premiership with transfer fees in the black, and he makes the Champions League every season. Were Kroenke a hobbyist, like some oil tycoon, sure he would fire Wenger; but Kroenke is a businessman. Firing Wenger now seems like a very poor business decision.


  • Pete

    Here’s an idea. How about David Moyes and the special one swap jobs? After all, doesn’t Mourinho want to go back to England and doesn’t Moyes want to coach in Champions League?


  • MetrofanNo1

    Well, how much you guys think Chivas USA franchise is worth? About a cool mil minus the players?


    • Patrick

      I know you’re joking but the fact that they are in LA instantly make them a very very valuable commodity. If they were to be bought and rebranded it would essentially be the same situation as NY2 minus the franchise fee.


  • Kevin_H

    “Remy has just one goal in 14 appearances for Marseille this season, all but two of them coming off the bench.”

    How many goals does he have?


    • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper"

      1 Goal

      2 Starts + 12 sub appearances = 14 appearances

      Wording was poor


  • Logic

    Come on man-even if its espn deportes-the link is to an article. Not all of us speak Spanish-please indicate such in the link.


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