U.S. Men's National Team

Studio 90: Bradley and Altidore discuss upcoming qualifier

    • Dan M

      Why not, right? But Honduras is going to stack the box and Jozy is not used to that in Dutch league. I think he’s more likely to bowl someone over and hold up for Deuce or MB to blast one (like v. Italy). But, yeah, I would love for Jozy to bring that form to the Nats.


      • alabamafutbol

        I really don’t see Honduras stacking the box. Think they’ll be going for it against us- and I don’t blame them. Putting up 8 goals against a decent squad like Canada has to make you confident


  • Raymon

    1. MB90 sometimes speaks with an Italian rhythm now. Hey, if the BPL guys can pick up an accent, I guess the Serie A guy can too.
    2. BeIn = I be out (of watching at home). I understand this is not US Soccer’s doing, so no need to school me on that one.
    3. I believe (I believe) I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win.


    • Quen047

      I genuinely don’t want to sound pedantic, but there is no such thing as a British Premier League (I assume that is what you mean by BPL). Britain and England aren’t synonyms. Scotland and Wales have their own leagues (I acknowledge that there are three Welsh clubs in the English football pyramid, but that’s neither here nor there). It’s EPL, at least if you are American.


      • Can You Get To That

        BPL. Barclays Premier League. BPL. Now the healing can truly begin. But first, I must go to Thing Lish Bar. Clay’s Prom’s fears Leaked. By the way, that last part took me quite some time to conjure up. Please pay no attention to the man in the windbreaker, he’s just on his coffee break.


  • DC Josh

    0-0 draw or 1-0 loss. I just don’t have faith right now in the direction this ship is sailing. Touch seas ahead. Hope I am proved otherwise.


    • Nic D "The TX 2 Stepper"

      Booooooo this comment! Repeat after me:

      I ___
      I believe ___
      I believe that ___
      I believe that we ___
      I believe that we will win
      I believe that we will win
      I believe that we will win
      I believe that we will win
      I believe that we will win
      I believe that we will win

      Now, isn’t that better.


  • natsalways

    Note to Michael Bradley from a somewhat older also bald guy: I know you live in Italy now but it is very sunny in Miami. SUNSCREEN for the dome is a requirement. You don’t want your scalp to be peeling on international TV on Wednesday. Oh, and as your biggest fan, let me (again) place a vote for you for captain.

    And is it just me, or did Jozy really bulk up in the last few months! He looks huge. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of goals on Wednesday, young man!


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