World Cup Qualifying

USA 1, Costa Rica 0: Match Highlights

Clint Dempsey

  • HoboMike

    Phew. Thank god for that, although my eyes still hurt from trying to see the ball all game.

    I honestly had to rely on writer’s descriptions of who played well after the game. I had no idea who was playing where, except for JJ’s lovely hair.


  • ChiTown

    I laughed for a second, but to hear Costa Rica’s coach say we should be putting out a real surface to play on infuriates me to no end.

    Go back to your garbage 50 cent a yard green felt blanket covered cracked concrete parking lot stadium and shut your *&*^& mouth.

    The pitches we play on that can only have been FIFA certified by outright bribing match officials and our federation never says a word.

    We don’t say a word about playing at 8,000 feet in 100% particulate smog in Mexico or in 107 degree weather in Honduras with fans feinting while watching the match.

    For decades we’ve endured your Stadium Saprissa–one of the most unbelievable pieces of junk in world football. There was actually carpet bubbling up our last game there! BUBBLING UP.


  • HoboMike

    I’ve I have one complaint, it’s that we should have tried a lot more long-range, speculative shots. 25-30 yards out, try to skip the ball right before the keeper. No idea what could have happened in that scenario.

    Costa Rica tried some off-angle shots to the same effect, but Guzan was very sure-handed.


  • chris

    The only things you can really take from this games are:

    1) Dempsey is a monster and one clutch mf’er
    2) Bradley is a bald maestro
    3) Jozy is our best forward end of story


  • JoeL

    I attended the game and it was a blast. The team, the crowd and the snow made it all for one amazing night.


    • RB

      I was there too and I agree. What I like best now is hearing all the skeptics publicly acknowledge how wrong they were about the supposed lack of crowd support the team would get here.

      Oh, wait — none of them are acknowledging that.

      Carry on!


      • Nate Dollars

        i don’t remember hearing that. was that on this site?


      • eddie

        Too many skeptics think soccer can’t be played in snow and this important game proved otherwise.


      • RB

        Fortunately the only people whose opinion really counts for much in that regard, the players themselves, recognized and have voiced their appreciated of the level of support, as indicated in their various tweets following the match.


  • ACS

    By the time game time hits in Mexico its will be in the upper 60’s, don’t know what the smog will be like, probably eased off a bit since the game is later in the day. Mexico could be a little sluggish after playing in 107 degrees with humidity. Playing is the cold is a lot easier on your body than playing in that kind of heat. They probably all needed IV’s after that game.


  • ACS

    Also can we have the weather modes in FIFA 13 be blizzard with 3″ off snow on the field.


  • CM

    Alvaro Floporio took a seat every time he felt a snowflake…what an embarrassment to the game.


  • run

    Ives et al… Perhaps I missed this on another thread, but could you help give some historical perspective on games played in the snow? What conditions have led to cancelled games? Finland, Canada and Iceland all play at home. Obviously this is not the first time. Was this game particularly unique? Would the fact that the game was a WCQ impact whether or not they would cancel?


  • Georges Jean

    To “run”: Although your question is not addressed to me, allow me to give you my opinion [if you don’t get the response from Yves]. World FIFA’s decisions are quite tough-even in the face of inclement weather! However, watching at U.S. vs. Costa-Rica seemed like I was watching a Hockey game instead of a soccer game!. Had they have known that the snow would be so annoying, by all means, the game would have been cancelled! Secondly, it appeared that once the game had started, stopping it would not be feasible to the demand of World Cup Qualifyers’ schedule! For additional socio-cultural and soccer views, you may visit http://www.22222.webs.com. Read the “Prognosis 2014” and, please, give your opinion!


  • Ricardo

    This game was an embarrasment and shows how desperate US Soccer is to qualify. If you take off your rose colored glasses you will see that we are not getting any better as a soccer nation, that we have no system for developing players and that none of our players actually really developed their game through a US sponsored system. Please don’t tell me MB developed through a US program bc I will take you out on this one.
    We will qualify because FIFA wants U$ $occer to qualify and that is why they give an average confederation like CONCACAF 4 teams.


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