SBI MLS Save of the Week

SBI MLS Save of the Week: Luis Robles

LuisRobles-Columbus2013 (USAToday)

  • Pablo

    Great save. The follow up save on the free kick was very good as well.


  • Jozy has scored 30 goals all season

    why did he come back to MLS? I read he’s getting like 40 K a season with Red Bulls. Surely he was making more than that while a no2 at a Bundesliga club. why does MLS lowball our players who play abroad


    • MMV

      In a recent interview, Robles, I believe, highlighted several reasons to come to MLS. For one, his wife was pregnant and they wanted the child to be born and raised stateside. In that mention, he noted that since he was unemployed he was without insurance at a critical time. Two, he did not want to be 5,000 miles away from his ailing father. Three, no offers from Europe quite made sense for him and his family in the long-run.


  • Zak1FCK

    Besides always being photographed with his eyes close, at Kaiserslautern, Robles was known for his pk stopping ability. He stopped a number while he was there.


    • Zak1FCK

      In another version that is very poor video quality you can hear the fans chant his name before the shot:

      Though people would want to see the ball.


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