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Chelsea release new away kit

Chelsea20132014awaykit (ChelseaFC_Adidas)


Following in the wake of Liverpool and Manchester United kit announcement, Chelsea has revealed their latest away kit for the 2013-2014 season.

The new uniform features an all-white jersey and shorts combo, with a Holland-like red, white, and blue stripe across the center of the uniform, and the three striped Adidas moniker down the sides of the shorts. The socks are blue, with CFC written on them in red.

What do you make of the new kit?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Gnarls

    Did someone decided 2013/14 would be “throw back” season or something? Yet another anachronistic jersey. At least this one is marginally appealing.


    • The Imperative Voice

      It’s also a throwback in the sense it reverts from white/blue/gold to white/blue/red, a different color combo that CFC has used historically.


    • dude

      Damn it! You beat me to the Smurf Massacre turf.

      You’d think Chelsea would have picked up on that vibe.


    • The Imperative Voice

      Serial smurfocide because they had the same gimmick for the home blues…


    • THomas

      I may have been quick to judge them as murderous criminals. Maybe they were simply looking for the stones inside that alien chick from the 5th Element and trying to save the world? Bruce Willis is on it though.


  • Chupacabra

    SBI, sponsored by World Soccer Shops, where you’ll always overpay to indulge your Eurosnob fetish.


      • Old School

        I think he’s one of the few posters that have some odd issue with SBI posting images of new kits.

        Heaven forbid a soccer website, provide soccer related information…about soccer clubs.

        I want my money back!


      • Rector & Carlisle

        Remarkable how some like to malign others with epithets like ‘Eurosnob.’ It’s obnoxious, obviously, but also selective.

        Where is the outrage, for instance, at the numerous traditions being foisted on our dear sport by EUROSNOBS at the MLS and their member teams?

        MLS play clocks in counting up to 90 minutes, instead of down to zero? EUROSNOBS!

        MLS teams taking the field side by side, holding the hands of children: EUROSNOBS!

        MLS Fans wearing scarfs in the middle of summer?EUROSNOBS!

        MLS supporters groups and those groups singing in the stands: EUROSNOBS!


      • The Imperative Voice

        I do think you should have to make your pilgrimmage to the Bridge and learn at least Carefree to buy a shirt and act like a fan. Otherwise to me it is a bit of Overdog Snobbery like a kid who wants to wear Yankees or Heat merchandise, mixed with self-loathing that you’re wearing it instead of your local MLS team.


  • biff

    Addidas gernerally makes very nice kits and this one IMO is especially nice.


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Looks a lot like Lyon 2011… basically the same but smaller stripes across the front…


  • fischy

    I think the dripping paint is over the top. I hope they lose that when the games start.


  • wides

    Seriously people… give it a rest. These kit releases ARE news to a lot of people. I would guess the vast majority of people on this site have favorite teams in leagues across the pond as well. And these teams, rightly or wrongly, release new kits every year. They are interesting points of discussion, or ridicule (why LFC? why? I hate you Warrior).

    Is 6 (other) articles already today not enough ? Especially when all European competition is done for the year, and the transfer window isn’t even open yet ?

    Do you really think that the time it took Dan to type those two paragraphs is preventing him from *all* the other breaking soccer news that’s going on right now ? Also, if you don’t like it, don’t click on the link, it’s not like there was any subterfuge. You knew this article was about a kit, so ignore it and move on.


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