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MLS Insider: Episode 1 (featuring Cahill, Rogers and Sons of Ben)

TimCahillCaptain (ISIPhotos.com)

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


In case you missed it earlier on Friday night, the new MLS-themed NBC Sports show MLS Insider made its debut and the reviews for the new program are extremely positive.

The first episode features segments on Tim Cahill, Robbie Rogers and Philadelphia Union supporters group Sons of Ben.

If you missed it, or want to see it again, you can watch the full episode here:

  • Travis

    I havent watched this yet, are these like a bunch of personal story segments or what?


  • CW in LA

    I appreciate that it took guts for Rogers to out himself. That said, could more coverage of him wait til he actually does something on the pitch?


  • James J.

    Cahill’s segment was the best. A little biased, but Cahill is just an unbelievable leader. I just wish every player approached the game with his top notch approach.


  • James J.

    And I got a little emotional when they showed the Kenny Cooper’s PK (4:31) that got called back for encroachment. Sadest moment I’d ever expierenced as a Red Bull fan. Felt so sad for Kenny after the game, he was crying and destroyed, and Cahill took the bullet for his teammate. Don’t care if you hate the Red Bulls, you can’t hate Cahill!


  • Old School

    At 3:56, Mike Petke’s comments on the culture of some soccer players being passive and it annoys him as a teammate.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I’m not a life long fan of soccer but that was one of he hardest things for me to adjust to (and I still haven’t fully accepted it) with soccer players being so extremely soft, both physically and mentality.

    Tim Cahill definitely represents the antithesis of that.


  • Michael F SBI Mafia Original

    I was so excited when I read about MLS+ content deal, but I have to say these stories were disappointing. For 30 for 30 storytellers and directors I would have expeceds more. We didn’t learn one thing we didn’t already know. That’s not storytelling. That’s just lame.


      • CroCajun1003

        The show is to introduce ppl to the sport. It’s not for us soccer nerds. That said I thought it was interesting


      • Jay

        The 30 for 30 doc’s are also made with more casual fans in mind but also appeal to people that follow sports more closely. There is no reason these can’t be made with the intent to appeal to both as well.


    • solles

      Yeah a little bland, frankly I find most of the 30 in 30 pieces pretty bland too.


  • Falsify

    I feel a lot of hate in the comments but I enjoyed the show very much. Not everybody has a PhD in MLS and is going to know every story about every player. Well done IMO, I will set it to record on my DVR


    • Mike

      I agree, I thought they were very well done. I thought all three segments were great. For years anything having to do with MLS that was on TV looked like it was put together by high school film students. Very excited about this will DVR as well. Keep in mind I think most of these are not geared to the hard core MLS fan but rather sports fans in general.


  • reiter

    great show! all the segments are emotional and very well produced. unless your a total troll, you can’t help being moved by them. hopefully the show helps get more people to realize that MLS has developed its own dynamic and isn’t a joke league that it may have been in the early days (anyone remember the shootouts?).


  • J Dog

    I was pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot about Cahill. I hope they can keep the quality up, most people I know would have enjoyed it.


  • martin

    One of the guys from the SOB said that his supporter group friends are “brothers” to him. How offended would you be if you were that guys actual brother? Hello, you’ve only known these guys like 3 years. Meanwhile the brother you’ve had for 30+ years that probably knows you better than your wife is on par with a soccer fan who you might never see again should he not renew his season tickets.


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