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Wambach breaks Hamm's career goals record

Abby Wambach

Photo by ISIphotos.com


HARRISON, N.J. — Abby Wambach entered the U.S. Women’s National Team’s friendly with Korea Republic on Thursday two goals shy of Mia Hamm’s all-time scoring record.

She needed less than half an hour to break it.

Wambach surpassed Hamm’s record of 158 international goals in the Americans’ 5-0 win at Red Bull Arena on Thursday night, scoring four times in the first half to raise her total to 160 goals. Wambach had found the back of the net twice in the first 19 minutes to pull level with Hamm, but she made the record hers when she nodded home a Megan Rapinoe corner in the 29th minute before scoring her fourth goal of the match a minute into first-half stoppage time.

Wambach broke the record in her 207th game for the U.S. and her 160 goals are the most scored by any player, man or woman, at the international level.

Hamm issued a statement through U.S. Soccer during Thursday’s match congratulating Wambach on breaking her record.

“I’m just so proud of her,” Hamm said. “Just watching those four goals, that’s what she is all about. She fights for the ball. She’s couragous and she never gives up.

“Her strength and perseverance is what makes her so great and it’s what defenders and opposing teams fear. From being her teammate early in her caerer, I know all she ever wanted to do was win and she continues to do that.

“I’m just glad I got to share 158 with her. It was short, but it was fun.”


What do you think of Wambach breaking Hamm’s record? How many more goals do you think she will score before it is all said and done?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Kosh

    Congratulations, Abby!!

    I remember her coming on as a youngin a few years back and it is really cool watching her break the record tonight. Job well done, Abby. Job well done.

    …and let’s make that 5-nil as I post! Saaaaah-weeeeeet!!!


  • Rufus Firefly

    I remember her rookie year with the Washington Freedom. Uninspired, overweight and not very impressive. In the off-season, Mia Hamm had a come to Jesus meeting with her and every since, Abby Wambach has been unstoppable. Thank you Mia for lighting a fire and thank you Abby for years of wonderful goals. My favorite women’s player of all time.


  • EspinDOHla

    So…my comments today have all awaited moderation and this gets the OK??


  • MikeG

    Congrats Abbey Wambach. You definitely have that predator ambush style of play as a forward. Nice to see you still going. Proud of you and the team.


  • AndyL

    Congratulations to Abby. The first half, the whole U.S. team was feeding her like she was Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. Every ball forward, the women were looking for Abby and sending crosses to her. And she put four in like a champ.

    Hoped to see Tobin Heath get in the game. I think she’s the most fun player for me to watch on the U.S. teams, mens or womens side. Fun-as-hell ball skills.


  • Hejduk4President

    Congrats Abby. What a menacing, wrecking-ball of a forward. Nice to see her tie/break the record with two awesome headers.

    Also, I don’t catch too much women’s soccer but that Kristin Press looks legit. Finishing was a little off, but her touch and movement was head and shoulders above most on the field.


  • Josh D

    Hamm was the better striker. Wambach happens to have the physique of a man which helps her dominate smaller, less physical defenders. We could use her on the DCU roster…

    Until she hands the team a World Cup metal, Hamm will be the best striker in my mind.


  • uksubs

    if i played the washington generals every two weeks i would’ve have 150goals too.


  • Falls City Outlaw

    Abby is a legend. Now, to cap her career in Canada next year, with the only trophy she doesn’t have…


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