Benito Floro appointed as Canada MNT head coach

BenitoFloro1 (CBC)


With Spain holding one of the best national team set-ups in the world, the Canadian Soccer Association has turned to one of Spain’s finest to help rebuild the foundation back home.

Former Real Madrid manager Benito Floro has been announced as the next head coach of the Canada Men’s National Soccer Team, taking over the reigns after Stephen Hart’s disastrous time in charge left Canada out of the Hexagonal round for World Cup 2014.

The 61-year-old Floro is set to start his job on August 1, but will keep a watchful eye on the Canadian squad’s results at the Gold Cup this summer, with Colin Miller taking charge of the team in the tournament.

What do you think of this decision? Do you agree with Floro’s appointment?

Share your thoughts below.

    • Brad

      wow, now that is pure wit. you must have ruminated on that for quite some time…


      • Turgid Jacobian

        Speaaking fo myself, I certainly am not offended–except in the sense that a dumb joke pains me.


  • TomG

    With their young squad, it was very important they get a new manager to shape this generation. Not sure if a Spanish style is realistic, though.


  • The Imperative Voice

    I know the Honduras game stung but they haven’t made a tournament since 1986 or even many Hexes, and if you look at their schedule, we lost away to Honduras this round, Panama’s in the Hex, Japan’s qualified, Denmark isn’t bad, tied the US away. “He’s not getting results” but you could say the same thing about Jamaica, who gave it the old college try for awhile before returning to earth.

    They need to pick someone and stick with them awhile, it’s a very mediocre team and if they’re going to catch up it needs to be a concerted effort over perhaps more than one cycle to locate players and build a team up.


  • David M

    What does it mean that Canada has “one of the best national team set-ups in the world”?


  • graeme

    i believe they meant Spain had one of the best national team set-ups in the world.


    • Alex

      haha. Stephen Hunt being the Irish defender for Wolves, Stephen HART the former Canadian gaffer.


  • Lorenzo

    I read that funky too, I assume it is referring to Spain having one of the best national team set ups in the world.

    Canada has to make the best decision it can from the choices it has. I don’t know Floro but if this is the best they option they had, ok. I agree Canada needs a long term plan/vision. I think that is more so the groundwork as opposed to the “we need to define our style” yada yada. With 3 1st division clubs with Academy’s in their 3 largest cities, they have to start improving compared to the Canada in th past (though I know they have had a few bright spots). If a country so small like Uruguay or Portugal can be two of the best teams in the world, Canada can become very strong as well.


    • ACS

      There are Spanish-Canadians all over Europe with their being a Mountie division in Madrid.


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