UEFA Champions League

Must-See Goals: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

ZlatanIbrahimovicPSG1-Anderlecht (Getty)

    • Beto

      The first one was similar to Wondo’s goal vs LA this year … But ya lets not bring up the ibra/wondo analogies!


    • CJinOC

      How long are we going to try to make that “Wondowlowski” play? I think it’s done, but that’s just me.


    • Increase

      Ya, that was pretty cool. Zlatan seems to be playing the best of his life right now. Age has made him better if anything.


  • k

    hat trick against Copenhagen? somebody screwed up

    he scored 4 aganst ANDERLECHT. the champions of Belgium


      • Increase

        Um, actually you for not being observant enough to notice that he means the title of the videos…. Check out the title of the 2nd video and try not to be rude next time by being “smarter” than someone on the internet.


  • The Empty Bucket

    Hey my defender just headed the ball out and its bouncing to Zlatan Ibrahamovic, I think I’ll just walk a few steps and watch his beautiful technique


  • Paul Miller

    That shot in the second video was special. Not quite Arie Haan, but a heck of a shot.


  • fischy

    Soccer’s such a funny, maddening sport sometimes. On his 2nd goal — the one in the first clip — Ibra should probably have been called offside. So hard for the AR to see because Ibra slows and defender passes him before ball gets there, but when the ball is struck, Ibra’s lean is beyond last defender. Still a beautiful goal, though.


  • Four Cents

    Wow! Some Amazing Goals!! Sasha was able to witness these live, in person, field view no less…


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